Long awaited

"The Queen will see you now" said a portly Munchkin with an all-too dapper accent. He disappeared through the entrance to a great hall, his head held high as if to say he was important. He was dressed as such, the long coat tails of his dark, green three-piece suit almost touching the ground. He waddled as he walked, which was a funny sight to behold.

Inside the door was the throne room of the Emerald Palace. It was a cavernous, stone room littered with glimmering gems and golden statues. The ceilings were tall and everything echoed like an endless cavern.

There were people and Animals from all walks of life tending to various tasks, some merely sitting at tables playing games, eating snacks and doing whatever they wished. It seemed less like the court of a noble leader and more like a banquet.

Just inside the door, a large mound of brown fur stood a large mound of brown fur blocking the way to the hall.

"Identify yourself" rumbled the Lion's voice, instilling his very present nature to the newcomers.

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