Inside the door was the throne room of the Emerald Palace. It was a cavernous, stone room littered with glimmering gems and golden statues. The ceilings were tall and everything echoed like an endless cavern.
There were people and Animals from all walks of life tending to various tasks, some merely sitting at tables playing games, eating snacks and doing whatever they wished. It seemed less like the court of a noble leader and more like a banquet.
Just inside the door, a large mound of brown fur stood a large mound of brown fur blocking the way to the hall.
"Identify yourself" rumbled the Lion's voice, instilling his very present nature to the newcomers.

Maxx looked at a shy female lion and the a gimpy man who appeared to be waiting much like himself. He had no idea what circumstance the other two had, but he doubted it was any worse than his own circumstances. After all he doubted they were the last of their kind because of the witch of the east, and woke up after a long sleep since he clearly saw more than one of them around. Maxx instinctively tried to reposition his hammer, but remembered he had to surrender it at the gate. He was just used to holding it all his life so if naturally felt like a part of him. Luckily for Maxx the Munchkin doorman was very bored and talkative after Maxx agreed to sit and play cards with him to pass the time till he was allowed to see the Queen. Maxx learned that sometime after the witch of the east put him in an amber prison, Oz went through a big event. Apparently a girl named Dorothy arrived in Oz and with the help of some companions defeated both the witch of the east and then the west.

It has been a decade since Dorothy Gale killed the Witch of the West, relieving the inhabitants of OZ from her tyrannical reign and returned her home called Kansas, while the Wizard sailed away into the sunset. Since then, all of the Land of OZ has adapted to a different life, free from the threat of Evil. However, it has not been without difficulty. With the Wizard gone and the Witch no more, Emerald City has fallen into a state of controversy without a definitive figure to lead. The surrounding Kingdoms have all vied for the throne, but none have proven to be worthy. In her wisdom and power, Glinda the Good has managed to hold the peace together alongside the leadership council of the Lion, Scarecrow and Tin Woodman, albeit barely. Refusing to permanently take the throne of Emerald City, Glinda insists that the Wizard will return to rule. Now many kingdoms are on edge since some really desire the throne. It was enough to make one's hair stand on end...……….if one did have hair that is. Maxx did not have body hair, nor did he covet power. He just wanted to find a way to live a proper life after loosing his people since the loneliness was to painful.

Maxx: I am Maxx, last of the Emerald Golems from the ruins of Quartztown. I seek council with the Queen regarding my future.


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