The Lion looked at the strange new creature with scrutiny. His large, brown eyes scanned him up and down. He had never heard of these Emerald Golems before. He wondered what kind of trickery was at play.
"And what future do you suppose you have in the Queens court?" asked the Lion. He waved a giant, brown paw in the direction of the Golem. "It is of no matter. The Queen is entertained at the moment" he said. "You may wait with the others."
He nodded his massive head in the direction of the tables where the other guests were occupying themselves.

Maxx looked at the large fearsome lion and then at the tables where the other guests were sitting impatiently. He was curious why he was not recognized at all by anyone of the Emerald City. After all his people were the ones who built the emerald city long ago. Granted it has been many centuries since then, but still one would think there would be a story or two about his people. It pained him to think he and his people were just a forgotten memory now. Not only did the Witch of the East wipe out his people, but also the memory of them as well. She was truly an evil woman and he was glad she was dead, but now he realized he, himself, was all that was left of his people and annoyed he was being treated like an outcast. He stood there filled with mixed emotions as he was tired of being told to wait. He had done to much of it in the Amber Prison already and it cost him everything. Maxx sighed as he was fed up with his treatment. It was obvious that the people of Emerald City cared little for outsiders like himself now a days. He then came to realize he made a mistake coming here and wasting his time. He looked at the Lion and shook his head.

Maxx: I see...……….. I appears my kind is not welcome here anymore. How the mighty have fallen. I'll take my leave then. Tell your Queen...……….whatever you want.

Maxx left and headed for the gate to retrieve his hammer so he could leave. He was beyond angry at this point. He decided to find a new home out there and cut all ties with the Emerald City and its ignorant residence.


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