Be my guest

Maxx: I am Maxx, last of the Emerald Golems of old. I have traveled long and far to get here and have seen many ruins along the way. It was obvious the witches of the East and West destroyed many lands besides my own before they were defeated. I have recently broken free from the amber prison I was in for many cycles. I came here hoping to start a new life as an emerald smith and miner. However I questioned my decision after being mocked by your lion guard till you came to me in this state. You must be in dire straits to give chase to one such as myself. This is the first I have ever seen Royalty go this far for my kind. So tell me Queen Glenda the Good, what use do you have for an old relic such as I?

Glinda smiled sweetly. "He is one of my most honored and trusted subjects, but he does lack a certain grace, does he not?" she said, speaking to the Lion's character. "However, Maxx, I am honored to have such an esteemed guest as you in my court and city. Would you kindly accept my invitation to dine with me and my subjects in my palace this day? It is not often that we have the privilege of entertaining such an...historic guest such as yourself. As for your place, we can sure discuss this in detail as you wish, but not before you have seen the Emerald City in all of its splendor. Please say you'll accept?" she said with a curtsy.


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