Maxx: So where to first?

A glimmer lighted in Glinda's magnificent eyes as a smile crossed her delicate features. "You have already seen the palace and met some of my subjects. Judging from your first encounter with my General, I was thinking something more...private. It has been a long while since you've seen the city and I am most interested in your tale. I have just the place in mind" the Queen said, holding up a dainty pointer finger in the air and motioning for the Golem to follow her.

They traversed several main city streets before darting down a darker alley. It may have been a back street, not commonly accessed by the city-goers, but it was still neat and tidy, even if not lit by the beating sun as well. At the end of the alley was a door; not a door that boasted anything special. No, it was an ordinary steel door, bordered by round, steel rivets. It had been painted a brilliant read, seemingly long ago as it was faded and chipped. As The Queen neared the door, its locking mechanism clicked and rotated to the left, the door then creaking on its hinges and opening for the Queen to pass all of its own accord.

Glinda looked back to Maxx, still smiling. As they passed through the door, it was as if a whole other city had sprung up from nothing. There were Restaurants and shops, musicians and other sort of entertaining folk all contained within what from the outside appeared to be nothing more than a large storehouse.

"Here we are" said Glinda. "This is the best kept secret in all of the Emerald City and my most favorite place to visit, for it is here that I am not treated as the Queen, but just another ordinary traveler and patron."


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