Glinda's Secret Door

Glinda looked back to Maxx, still smiling. As they passed through the door, it was as if a whole other city had sprung up from nothing. There were Restaurants and shops, musicians and other sort of entertaining folk all contained within what from the outside appeared to be nothing more than a large storehouse.
"Here we are" said Glinda. "This is the best kept secret in all of the Emerald City and my most favorite place to visit, for it is here that I am not treated as the Queen, but just another ordinary traveler and patron."

Maxx looked at Glenda as she seemed happy to be away from the place they just left from. He figured she was tired of being the Queen, but was bound by duty to bear it and grin. As of now she looked like a little girl in a candy shop as her smile was ten times brighter after passing through the door. It was obvious she preferred this place over the throne. Maxx looked around at all the restaurants, various shops, minstrels, jugglers and other sort of entertaining folk. Maxx found it amusing such a place could exist considering all the chaos the two dead witches left behind before their demise.

Maxx: What an interesting place you have discovered. I can see the appeal of this place though. Of course the existence of place raises a lot of questions, but I gather you will tell me when you are ready. So tell me young lass......what shall we do first to ease your stress levels before we have our private conversation? I gather you need cut loose since you brought me here.

Maxx gave Glinda a smirk as he looked up to her. In the back of his mind this felt oddly like the so called "Date" that humans had.


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