My Not So Blue Sky

Glinda did not want to mislead the old Golem. "This is a safe place" she said, the queenly wisdom returning to her demeanor. "We can indeed have a most private conversation. Now, I am most intrigued by you, my Golem. If not for you and your people, all of this would not be here" she said, twirling around and soaking in the carefree habits of the folks around them. "How does it feel to be here?" she asked, sincerely curious.

Maxx looked around as he pondered Glinda's question. He had been through a lot since first meeting the Witch of the East and ending up here has been equivalent to having your soul shocked by lightning. No being a Golem he saw life differently that humanoids did, but regardless it was still a lot to take in.

Maxx: My people were emerald smiths and miners long long ago from a town called Quartztown. Long ago many people came far and wide to trade with us. Then one day we were hired by the monarchy to build this Emerald City for them. You should have seen it in its glory. It was even more beautiful back then, which tells you how well it has stood up till now. For decades we made upgrades and expanded the City now and then for the monarchs of old. Then we assumed they were satisfied as they stopped requesting our services for a while. We continued to do trade with other places and lived a very productive life. However all that changed when she came. I am referring to the Wicked Witch of the East. At first she came as a representative of the Monarchy and hired us to build a special project that was to be a gift to the King. We were happy to be working for the monarchy again and worked hard in the mines. However as we were near the completion stage of her project, some of us discovered the truth behind the project.

She tricked us into making an evil device that absorbs magic and transfers it into her emerald medallion. So we quit her project and I demanded she leave us and never return. It was then encased me in a prison made of Amber. Many decades passed by as I was trapped in my prison. When I was finally free I found my home empty of life. While inside the mines I found my people's story etched into the walls of the caves. The Witch of the East used her magic to enslave my people to mine and finish her project before she used their lives to fuel her power. After I left my homeland I found other towns that were devoid of life like Utensia. Eventually I ended up here and I learned from your guard that some girl named Dorthy managed to kill the Witches of both East and West, which explained how I got free. To be honest I have no idea how long I was imprisoned, but since I have nothing left of my home its a small matter really. I considered ending my life but sadly my people are built to last. The Witch only managed it by draining our magical life force with her device. Since my options are limited I was hoping to spend my days doing something useful, which is why I came here. I admit this place vastly different since I have been here, not to mention the residents have varied as well. After meeting your lion guard I was about to give up, till you came to meet me. I am curious as to why?


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