You're staying

Since my options are limited I was hoping to spend my days doing something useful, which is why I came here. I admit this place vastly different since I have been here, not to mention the residents have varied as well. After meeting your lion guard I was about to give up, till you came to meet me. I am curious as to why?

Glinda stopped her stroll and looked directly into the Golem's shimmering, green eyes. "That is...devastating" she said with emotion. "To wake up to learn of the last few decades worth of events? I cannot begin to understand how that feels. And I do apologize for the brashness of my General, the Lion. I assure you that as long as this city stands and stands for Oz, there will be a place for you. If not for your kind, this city would not stand as it does today. Please, good Golem, tell me that you will not leave us now? Someone of your unique skills and experiences could be invaluable here in Emerald City."


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