Decisions Decisions Decisions

Could you tell me what type of products your kingdom would need built from me?

"Oh, my dear Golem" replied Glinda with a glint in her eyes, "You will be invaluable to our Kingdom. Just think of the wonderful things you can do! Such ancient and important architecture brought back to the Emerald City and all of Oz could be so wonderful! I can barely contain my enthusiasm. Let me ask you, what would YOU have built?" asked the Queen.

Maxx thought for a moment as he remembered the past as well as terrible things that transpired before and during his imprisonment. From what he learned so far OZ needed to be prepared in case a new evil witch was born. Last time there were two of them so he was amazed the locals and that girl Dorthy managed to defeat both of them. If they were to keep history from repeating itself they would need to take counter measures as soon as possible.

Maxx: Well to be honest the maintenance on this place has been long neglected, but I would suggest we focus on defense first in case we still have enemies who would see you fall. In the past when we were making this Emerald City we also had plans to make several magical emerald spires to be used to create a barrier to protect the city from different threats. Should an enemy or another evil witch appear it would be useful in fending them off. The other thing we were planning to make were constructs to guard the city. However due to budget cuts and some various excuses, the barrier and the constructs were never implemented. Now granted you may have the aid of that grouchy Lion and your Tin man, but against an army or another witch the odds won't be in their favor. If I can get my hands on a decent emerald mine and an iron mine I can just about make anything. However since you are in charge you will need to decide on what will take priority since the list of projects will be quite high and I am only one golem.


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