The Candy Girl

Meanwhile in a small village outside of Oz, little Candy Britches was finishing the touches on the last cake she was decorating. As a 3 ft tall munchkin she was used to everything being the right size for her. Candy lived on the outskirts with her munchkin family in the village of Confectionery. Her family had a history of the females learning candy based magic to sell at their story. Life was fun for dear Candy till she reached 18 years old and she realized she wanted more out of life. She wanted to be more than just a candy maker so after talking to her parents she made her way to the Kingdom of OZ hoping to be a real witch.

As she was improving her candy magic she found she could create, manipulate and alter candy using her magic. However Candy found she can use that for another purpose like making a rock candy bridge and lighting a fire with candy. The more she practiced the more versatile she found her magic to be. Since life was boring in the village of Confectionery she wanted more excitement since she wants to be a cool beauty when she grows up more.

Mrs. Britches: Honey are you sure you really want to do this? It won't be the same without you.

Candy: Awwh mom. Its not like you need the help anymore. You still have four more daughters and this place is awfully cramped these days.

Mrs. Britches: Oh baby mama's going to miss ya.

Candy: Mom I am just going to OZ to look for a job there. Its not like I am going across the ocean. I'll visit when I can.

Mrs. Britches: You better or I will cry.

Candy: Thanks mom.

After a long and dragged out goodbye with her parents and sisters, young Candy set out on a long journey to OZ. Since she was a munchkin the journey was twice as long compared to a human, so she she filled the past time by singing a few song.


Candy began to get into her song as she was now skipping to the beat of her song. It didn't take long till she was dancing as she made her way to OZ. Granted OZ was a four hour walk from her home she continued to sing her favorite song. She mostly liked it because it was about her name. Candy was so invested in her song that she barely noticed the road she traveled as she made very good time. When she was hungry she pulled a snack from her backpack and ate it with a big smile. After a quick four hour walk she eventually arrived at the emerald gates of OZ. After knocking she was recognized and let in. After a bit of small talk Candy decided to look around to see what OZ had to offer her.


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