Offer Denied

The spectral Black Emerald may have guessed at her goals and they may have been of a similar mind for now, but she would not discuss those plans with anyone. She had no intentions of working with a ghost, especially not the ghost of the monster she already had in her service. It was not in her best interest to encourage or even allow the Shadow Walker access to his soul, assuming Black Emerald’s story was true. Cassia would have to discover that for herself. For now she placed a warding spell on the Shadow Walker to help buff it’s resistance to influence from and awareness of Black Emerald all together. She and her puppet had work to do and it did not involve meddling spirits.

As the towering beast walked off to go about it’s own assignment, Cassia stepped out into the streets of Emerald City with a newly appeared basket of flowers clutched in her hand. Somewhere in this shiny domain there was a child who possessed something the witch needed in order to cast her next move.

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