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The Lion prowled the edge of the forest that bordered the kingdom of the Animals where he ruled and the pathway to the Emerald City. Much of his time as of late had been spent within the Emerald walls. This was the reason for his walkabout in the Forest. He longed for the depth of the Forest, but the border would have to do for now. He could only take so much positive energy from the Munchkins and other city folk, as well as the high ruler, Glinda. A wonderful ruler and good person no doubt, but he longed for the presence of his own, for the trees and the brush and breeze through his mane. Yes, the forest was where he felt the most alive. The new miner the Queen had appointed was well at work at constructing the newest structure within the city gates, the spires. She had, in all her wisdom, assigned himself to oversee this as it fell under the jurisdiction of the military. He secretly wondered if it was more for safety or for shine. Everything in the city shone with brilliance. He hated it. It was, however, just what the people loved. 'People' he scoffed to himself.

He heard a rustling in the grass just inside the treeline and looked to see if it might me someone, anyone, he recognized from his own kingdom.

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