Getting Started

Though he didn't have many workers he had enough to get started in each area. After making a few repairs to the building Maxx explained how he wanted them to do their jobs to make things easier on each other. Once they took some notes on what to do Maxx took the seven munchkin miners and some push wagons with him just outside the back of OZ where an old abandoned mine existed. The seven miners were amazed and confused as to how to enter the mine safely till Maxx stopped them. He then asked them stand back as he was going to use an old trick to stimulate the mine. Maxx pulled out a white orb from his pouch and slowly felt the area's energy flow till he stopped over something good. He then knelt down and concentrated as he channeled his energy into the white orb for a good while before it broke.
Then suddenly the area around them began to glow with green light and then the ground began to shake till emerald rocks began to grow in the ground and slowly emerge. The crystals continued to grow till they looked like a large green crystal rock poking from the earth.
Maxx: Okay now we chop it up and take it back in the wagons.
After that Maxx and his crew got to work mining the emerald rocks to take back to the Guild.

The Lion walked beside the unladen wagon that was pulled by four majestic, black horses from the Royal livery. His muscles rippled with every step of his powerful four legs. The occasional small animal would pass and bow its own form of a strange respectful acknowledgment of their King, who would in turn nod his powerful head in reply. They seemed to have their own language, the inhabitants of the kingdom of beasts but it was no less formal and respectful than that of the Royal Court of the Emerald City and her Majesty, Queen Glinda.
The mighty Lion looked the Golem atop the tall wagon. "What have you need up all the way up here in the mountains?" asked the Lion.

Maxx looked at the Lion and pointed at the Emerald crystals he had grown.

Maxx: We need materials in order to make repairs to the Emerald City. Normally it would only take a few months to fix this damage with a full crew of Golems, but since its just me and some helpers...…...its going to take a while.

Maxx then gave some orders to his Guild Staff before they began delivering the wagons full of large Emerald crystals to the City to drop off at the Guild. Maxx needed to train his staff to properly mine and transport the crystals before he could begin on reconstruction plans. Granted he was several centuries old and had vast knowledge in his field, he was still only one golem and working with an inexperienced staff.


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