Dark Rainbow

The day was dark. The clouds overhead the Emerald City, normally brilliantly vivid and jubilant, seemed as though their colors had been extracted. As you look around the capitol city, on a normal day, you can witness all of the colors of the rainbow represented in one way or another, if you look hard enough. On this day, however, the sky seemed to lack its normal luster. The sky was grey and the horizon bleak. Even the palace, typically a shining spectacle of translucent green, seemed dull and dim amidst the gloomy haze.

Even the inhabitants seemed to be affected. The mood in the city was that of melancholy, not joy. Those that had left their residences trudged along, kicking the ground with their shuffling feet, seemingly not having the energy to lift them and walk with the bubbly spirit the majesty of the city normally inspired.

Some of the shop owners had even closed their businesses, not having the determination of spirit to share their craft willingly with passers by. This was not the heart of the magical land of Oz. This was something else entirely, somewhere else at the end of a colorless rainbow that boasted no good fortune or exuberance.

"Leave them" said the blonde haired woman at the front of the throne room. All of the softness and kind character had escaped Glinda's features. Normally the bright spot in the palace, and that was saying a great deal as the palace was a shining spectacle in itself, she sat on the throne, devoid of her positive and upbeat character.

The tiny munchkin that had entered the room threw down the scrolls he had been carrying on a small, round table just inside the large, arched doors. He grumbled something at the expense of the good witch in his raspy voice as he retreated back out of the smaller door that was inside the arched doors, especially suited for those of his stature. The door closed with a loud thud, the sound reverberating through the echoey hall.

Glinda sighed, placing her dainty hand in a fist against her fair cheek. Even in her current state of dispiritedness, she was a spectacle of beauty and pride. Her attitude, however, was not typical. It was one of indifference and recognition. She recognized that something was not right. She had, as of late, felt something...darker in the air around the land. This, however was different. This was a demeanor common to all the people. At least, all of the people in the city. She wondered if it extended to the outlying realms.

As the thought entered her mind, she perked up. Picking up her hand from the edge of the throne, her wand floated from its resting place through the air until it rested against her palm. Her fingers closed around it as she began to twirl it almost subconsciously in a circular motion. The white, cylindrical implement began to glow with a brilliant white light that caused the gloomy atmosphere in the throne room to dissipate in comparison to its majesty. The light reflected off of Glinda's blue eyes, making them sparkle and all of a sudden, the day began to seem slightly less dark.

As the light intensified, the good witch picked up the wand and held it straight over head. The light erupted into a beam that then shot out of the wand straight overhead and exited the Palace.

From without, every eye could see its brightness and magnificence as the beam of light permeated the clouds and shot straight out of Emerald City on what appeared to be a very specific trajectory with an intended destination.

Moments later, the light had terminated and the day returned to its previous dreary state. Glinda now sat on the throne seemingly quite pleased. 'There' she thought to herself, 'and now we wait'. And wait she did, but not long for the beam of light had settled in the animal kingdom, among the ranks of the soldiers outside of Emerald City and with the science guild. It was a summoning for the leadership council.

Soon the throne room would be bustling with folks that would be about whatever business Glinda assigned them to. Best of all, though, was that she would soon be host to the best and brightest in all the land, three others that would most assuredly be able to solve the puzzling trouble of Oz's peculiar dark day. Yes, she was sure of it. They would know what to do....


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