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Summary: A true lady killer and charmer. Has bedposts that look like totem poles due to the notches on them.

Thomas Michaels

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Boys school

Grade ( nothing below 9th/freshman)


Classes and advanced ( if any)

MATH-Algebra II
EXTRA CREDIT CLASSES-Physical education/ athletics

Labels​ ( class president, cheer caption ECT)

Wide Receiver, Track Captain


Thomas is about 6'5 and has a pretty good build making him idea for both his position as a wide receiver and a cross country runner. He is also an advert rower hoping to beat his latest fling's brothers record once he gets to college. He has short blonde hair and blue eyes that seem to melt the ladies hearts. His smile is as devious as his charm.

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Image of Thomas Michaels
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