Carmen scanned the schedule for the third time, one of the most important jobs a music teacher had was planning concerts. You wanted to have plenty of people on campus but you didn't want to compete with a big sport event. At this point all she had decided upon was Christmas and Parent's Weekend were givens and maybe another towards summer vacation.

Her work email gave a bing, hmm.. Chicago it was always a good one, plenty of schools had done it but people always liked it. She wrote an email back:

Chicago would be good, we can talk more about it soon.

As she finished the second email she heard another bing from her band email. Carmen thought about it for a moment, she could probably afford to take a bit of time off in the afternoon, it could be her lunch. She sent off a second email:

2 o'clock could work, I might be a little late.

She had a little time before she would meet Ritchie, so she got back to work watching the door carefully in case one of the the students arrived.

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