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Summary: An ancient automaton who mysteriously woke up inside her vault after centuries of dormancy.


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Gender: Female

Age: 612

Group: Automatons



Profession Ability


Altha is fluent in Lin Draef as well as Common.

Physical Appearance

Nearly six feet tall and lanky, with a copper-colored metal frame and pale cream-colored plating with a few chips and cracks here and there. But for all the wear and tear, she appears ageless, youthful in some ways and ancient in others. Her fingertips are fitted with sharp metal tines from which she can dispense her scribe's ink, which is stored in three metal cylinders inside her chest. Her metal frame is partially visible at the joints, and her face is an intricate puzzle of shifting pieces which form her expressions. She has dark eyes, and the plating just under her left eye appears to have been cracked by a sharp blow, leaving a spiderweb of fine fractures.

She has straight, fine, white hair which reaches just past her shoulders, the bangs pinned straight back away from her face. The nearly transparent strands are stained with spatters of black ink, as are her brown and green robes. She doesn't wear shoes but her robes are nearly long enough to hide her feet, and she wears a circular amulet around her neck engraved with the symbol of Auroth.

She has a slow, methodical grace to the way she carries herself, without a single unnecessary movement. If one listens closely, they can hear the mechanical whirring of her muscles when she walks. Even when she's still, a faint but constant ticking can be heard from inside her artificial heart.

Personality and interests

Altha is an old soul - no pun intended. She's polite and kind but subtly impatient, as if every question is a stupid one and no one can ever seem to say the right thing. Still, she is gentle at heart and keeps her complaints to herself, preferring instead to be as supportive and helpful as possible. She has a sweet, easygoing way about her but can be very authoritative should the need arise.

She dislikes giving advice but tends toward being quite motherly, and she usually ends up advising (or lecturing) people anyway. Despite the confidence she exudes, she can be quite shy and even neurotic when put on the spot. She enjoys drawing, dancing, and running.


Altha was a highly respected scribe back in her day, defending her country from rampaging dragons and banishing the undead on a daily basis. Once the humans began to shun her kind, she willingly stepped into a vault and shut herself down rather than being evacuated to Shedora, believing that humanity would need her again one day. She was extremely loyal to Auroth, and part of the reason she was so willing to shut herself down was out of grief for his passing and a deeply repressed anger toward humanity for destroying him.

A few months ago, inexplicably, Altha awoke within her vault.

Weapon of Choice

Altha carries a metal staff with an ink well inside it; if a small trigger along its side is held down, it can dispense ordinary ink from its base and be used to write old magic sigils and spells.

It can also be used to hit things.

Favorite Sayings/Catchphrases

"How intriguing."

"Please don't touch that. It's still drying."

"Hello, Dear."

"What can I do for you?"

Anything to add? (hobbies, quirks, pets, etc.)

When Altha woke up inside her vault, her voice box didn't work anymore, so she's had to communicate by spelling out her words in scribe's ink since then.

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Image of Altha
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