Image of Professor Maria Fiddlesworth (NPC)

Summary: Head of Gryffindor and Charms teacher.

Professor Maria Fiddlesworth (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 56

Group: Teachers/Staff

Nationality/Blood Status

Full Blood


Head of Gryffindor House


Lily: Bengal House cat - The Bengal is a domestic cat breed developed to look like exotic jungle cats such as leopards, ocelots, margays and clouded leopards. Bengal cats were developed by the selective breeding of domestic cats crossed then backcrossed and backcrossed once more with hybrids from the Asian leopard cat (ALC), Prionailurus bengalensis bengalensis, and domestic cat, with the goal of creating a confident, healthy, and friendly cat with a highly contrasted and vividly marked coat.

Physical Appearance

She has grey hair and brown eyes. You would think her wrinkles are from age, but it is actually from her smiling.

Personality and interests

She is a proud witch. She likes her students and wants them to succeed at their studies.


She is the Charms Teacher. She has been working at Hogwarts for thirty years.

Random Information

She treats all students equally, but now and then finds a favorite or two she helps when needed.

Favourite Class

Charms and Enchantments


Phoenix, Holly, 6 1/2 inches, unyeilding

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Image of Professor Maria Fiddlesworth (NPC)
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