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Summary: Ship's muscle, has a bit of a soft side.

Burgess Thorn

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Group: Orion Crew: Security




Rogue Mercenary


Hurting people, preferably for profit.

Physical Appearance

Thorn is a tall and imposing man with short graying hair and numerous scars. His most notable trait is his missing right hand, which is now replaced with a cybernetic apparatus with numerous attachments, most of them weapons.

Personality and Interests

Thorn is a simple man who only cares about getting paid. He often believes his only notable skills are fighting and killing. But his hardened exterior hides a softer side. He's a friend to all children and small animals, and donates a good amount of his earnings to various orphanages and animal shelters.

But if you were to expose these good deeds he'd happily pulverize your face.


Thorn grew up on the streets, taking care of himself and a small group of orphans. He fell in with numerous gangs, served time in prison for various crimes, and eventually found steady work as a mercenary working on the Incubus crew.

However, he's been growing weary of Captain Quentin's cutthroat antics and is eagerly looking to jump ship. Hopefully, embarrassing Quentin in the process.

Favourite Sayings

"You got a problem, I can punch it fer ya."

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Image of Burgess Thorn
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