Burgess sighed. "Ugh, it's a long story. Here's the clean and short version. Quentin was a lackey for a guy who goes by the nom de plum 'The Collector.' It's exactly what it sounds. He collects stuff. Weird stuff. We were sent to collect Angel. No doubt he still wants her. My best guess is he'll keep sending goons fer ya." His face twisted. "That's 'bout all I know. I was just muscle, so I never saw the guy in the flesh. I reckon no one really has. As far as I know." He shot a brief glance at Chaz, who frowned. "In either case, I figure I'm in your guys' debt for not leaving me on that wreck to get executed. So for as long as you'll have me, I'll stick around and beat up anyone you need to dish a beatin' to."

Jack looked Angel and Chaz with a sigh.

Jack: Looks like we have trouble following us already.

Angel: Shall we hunt this Collector down and kill him Captain?

Jack: No can do Angel baby since we can't find him yet. Of course if he keeps leaving bread crumbs we will find him eventually.

Angel: Why would he want bread crumbs?

Jack: Huh??? Oh its an old saying when you leave a trail to find your home.

Angel: Interesting......I

Jack: Hey Chaz can you check up on Tom. I need Angel here to help me put the weapons we collected into the armory.

Jack then left with Angel to the cargo bay to retrieved all the fire arms and take them to the armory and unload them before putting them up.

Chaz sauntered into the med bay. "Captain said you were working on this thing."
With the repairs complete, Tom activated the med bot.

"MAOU OU812 activated. Diagnostics initiated. All specs register as: green. Nanomed canister registers as: full. High energy bone saw is ready." Its head tilted toward Tom. "Welcome to Alliance Medical: We treat you right when the world treats you rough."

"Oh yeah," Tom said uncomfortably, "This thing's Alliance tech..."

"It's not gonna try and harvest our organs for being thieves is it?" Chaz asked.

"No... no... I don't think so... no......... no." Tom shrugged. "Maybe?"

Jack and Angel showed up in the medbay to see the MAOU unit working.

Jack: Well looks like you managed to get it working. Angel and I found it in an old Alliance wreck. Honestly I didn't think it would work again.

Angel: Captain is it suppose to sound like that?

Jack: Sadly yes. These things have always been creepy since the Alliance has a bad bedside manner.

MAOU: Captain?

Jack: Yes?

MAOU: Shall I register myself with you as the Captain?

Jack: Yes but I bought you as a used unit from an Alliance junker so the warranty is voided now. So there is no need to register yourself to the Alliance systems since I don't want to spend the money to upgrade an old unit.

MAOU: Very well Captain???

Jack: Captain Jack Raine.

MAOU: Captain Jack Raine registered. Do you require medical assistance?

Jack: Nope. Go to standby please.

MAOU: Thank you for using Alliance Medical. We treat you right when the world treats you rough.

The MAOU then collapsed into a box as it had a small light blink.

Jack: Well good work you two. I'm gonna get dinner started. Since the holy man left his food behind I'll make some beef stew.


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