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Summary: Captain of the USS Osiris.

Cameron Gunner

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Crew of the USS Osiris (NCC-7349-E)




Captain-y stuff, combat training.



Physical Appearance

Athletic build with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Personality and interests

Cam is a no-nonsense kind of guy. While he'll happily utilize diplomacy he isn't above using his fists to solve his problems. He is very protective of his crew. He deeply mistrusts the Federation for its various actions over the last few years, and is not happy to be serving under them once again.

He enjoys playing football, plays the guitar, and is a closeted holonovel junkie.


Cam was born on Earth, but spent most of his life on board Federation starships. His parents were members of Starfleet, his father a captain and his mother an engineer. He was a cadet in the academy when his father was killed at Wolf-359. His father's death shattered his view of the Federation being infallible. A view that only grew worse as he saw their actions between the Cardassians and the Maquis. He was rather vocal of his opinions in favor of the Maquis, a sentiment that made him a pariah among his peers.

Eventually, his dissatisfaction with the Federation's "rampant hypocrisy" led to him resigning. He eventually became a freighter captain hauling cargo to and from the Gamma quadrant.

Recently, he was "reactivated" by Starfleet command to captain the newly retrofitted Franklin-class starship Titan due to the Borg threat.

After the the Battle To Reclaim Earth he was given command of the latest starship to be developed after the war: the USS Osiris. His time in the Gamma Quadrant shaping him into a more capable captain with a newfound appreciation for Starfleet.

Favourite Sayings

"I'm human, that doesn't make me any more evolved than anyone else. We're flawed, complicated, and wholly screwed up. The Federation wants to think otherwise, and that's their biggest flaw."

"Back to doing Captain-y stuff..."

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Image of Cameron Gunner
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