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Summary: Vulcan Commander


Gender: Male

Age: 124

Group: Crew of the USS Titan (NCC-626)







Physical Appearance

Lean, tall, with jet black hair and the traditional features of a Vulcan.

Personality and interests

Sarin has an inquisitive nature, always interested in solving puzzles since he was young. He's also very fond of human sarcasm, and is known to hold his own in verbal sparring. Many say he's very deadpan.

Like most Vulcans, he operates on logic. However, he will defer to what feels right if logic fails him.


Born on Vulcan to Lieutenant Commander Saavik, he is the child of the legendary Ambassador Spock, conceived on the Genesis planet when the newly-rejuvenated Vulcan was going through an accelerated pon farr. Saavik never revealed Saren's existence to Spock, feeling it was logical to allow the recently resurrected Spock to continue his life unhindered.

Sarin grew up not knowing who his father was. His mother assured him that his father had been a "very young man not ready for the burden of fatherhood."

After graduating from the academy he served aboard the USS Saratoga-F, which crash landed on an alien world after being attacked by a Dominion strike force. Sarin was promoted to de facto captain after the Saratoga's captain and XO were killed. He proved to be a competent leader and was able to lead his crew off of the planet by stealing a Dominion warship.

Eventually, he was promoted to the rank of Commander and was put in charge of overseeing Captain Gunner as the Titan's XO.

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Image of Saren
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