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Summary: Talented Engineer, Perpetually Frustrated

Madeline Copely

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Crew of the USS Osiris (NCC-7349-E)






Chief Petty Officer

Physical Appearance

Looks rather young due to her diminutive stature, with short blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Personality and interests

Madeline often comes off as frustrated because she prefers to do things her way: that being the simplest and most effective way possible. She doesn't tolerate fools well. She knows how to get the job done and prefers to get it done and go home rather than mess around. She is often the voice of reason between Saren and Cam, which is saying something given one of them is a Vulcan.


Madeline "Mad Maddy" Copely was born in Johannesburg to a musician and holonovel writer. Unlike her parents, she had no creative bone in her body and, instead, preferred science and engineering.

She enlisted in Starfleet at 17 and has served aboard numerous starships over a very interesting career. She eventually met and became good friends with Cameron Gunner while serving under him on the USS Madrigal. And tried her damnedest to keep him from resigning from Starfleet after his actions on Noveria IV.

She eventually transferred to the USS Enterprise and worked in engineering before it was destroyed in the Battle of Podromos.

Favourite Sayings

"You've got to be kidding me..."

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Image of Madeline Copely
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