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Summary: Human/Klingon Spy For Starfleet Intelligence

R'ana Edison

Gender: Female

Age: 36

Group: Crew of the USS Titan (NCC-626)




Espionage, tactician.


Lieutenant Commander

Physical Appearance

As R'ana: A rather tall woman due to her Klingon heritage. She has diminished forehead ridges due to being part human.

As Bekesh: cuts an imposing figure, even for a klingon, and is often seen wearing a gauntlet that bares the comm badges of many-a-starfleet officer she has killed during the recent Federation-Klingon War before the Borg invasion of the quadrant.

Personality and interests

R'ana is a rather friendly person and has been said to take after her mother, who was human, more than her father. She has a knack for slipping in and out of various personalities (she originally wanted to be an actress before joining Starfleet). She also loves listening to music.

She is also a bit of a flirt.


R'ana was born on Earth to a Klingon father and a Human mother. Growing up she always wanted to be an actress, but soon found herself joining Starfleet where she was quickly picked by a "talent scout" from Starfleet Intelligence.

She then went through rigorous training to become a spy operating in the Klingon Empire as a ruthless warlord known as "Bekesh."

As Bekesh, she was tasked with helping the fledgling New Klingon Movement develop into a prominent rebellion within the Empire.

It hasn't been until recently, after successfully completing her mission, that she has been able to be R'ana again.

Favourite Sayings

"Care to share a drink with me?" - Her usual line when she is flirting.

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Image of R'ana Edison
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