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Summary: A cantankerous Trill doctor.

Edrin Vex

Gender: Male

Age: Edrin (47) Vex (200)

Group: Crew of the USS Titan (NCC-626)




Medical/Surgical Skills



Physical Appearance

Edrin Vex is a tall man with shaggy gray hair and blue eyes. Has the trademark Trill spots.

Personality and interests

Vex tends to dislike everyone he meets. He's more than happy to just pop someone with a hypospray and send them on their way rather than talk to them. He is a very competent doctor nonetheless. He enjoys spending his time working on special "cocktails" in his spare time.


Edrin was a respected doctor and surgeon before joining the with the Vex symbiote. Many described Edrin as a kind, and considerate, person who could never hurt a fly.

He signed up to host a symbiote on Trill out of a desire to increase his knowledge and wisdom.

Instead he was joined with Vex.

Now, as Edrin Vex, he is a sardonic, irritable, insufferable jerk. Vex had been bound with many unique individuals over its long, interesting life. And most of them had a strong lack of any admirable social skills.

Vex is a remarkable doctor, but his social interactions with patients needed a lot to be desired. Hence why he moved to a distant starbase and opened a small practice. However, some actions in trying to treat a rare plague that had broken out resulted in the deaths of several people. Vex was held responsible and was nearly stripped of his license.

However, Starfleet had recently pulled a certain ship out of mothballs and it needed a doctor. Thus, Edrin Vex was now the Titan's chief medical officer.

Favourite Sayings

"Get out." - To most people who come to his med bay for help.

"Centuries of living has taught me that life's too short to waste it trying to impress everyone."

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