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Summary: The Emmisary, comander of DS9

Benjamin Sisko

Gender: Male

Age: 50's

Group: Deep Space Nine Personnel




Combat and diplomatic skills.



Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests

A stern and competent leader. He is more emotional than most leaders in Starfleet.

Enjoys baseball.


After losing his wife to the Borg at Wolf-359 he took command of Deep Space 9, which he led through numerous struggles, primarily the Federation's war with The Dominion.

His role as The Emissary between The Prophets and the people of Bajor eventually had him leave our plane of existence for a time. However he eventually returned to help battle the Borg. He has since returned to commanding Deep Space 9 in the wake of the fall of Earth.

After The Battle To Reclaim Earth, Sisko couldn't bring himself to leave the station he'd come to call home and opted to have it be moved back in orbit around Bajor close to the wormhole where he now enjoys a pseudo-retirement as the Station's commander.

Favourite Sayings

"I'm going to turn around, and when I do we're going to forget that you just said something that would make me punch you in the throat."

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Image of Benjamin Sisko
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