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Summary: An engineer who has a serious problem with authority.

Saul Clarke

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: Crew of the USS Osiris (NCC-7349-E)






Lieutenant Commander

Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests

Saul is charismatic and more than a little conniving. He got into engineering because he loves working with his hands, and because designing machines that warp the fabric of space-time really speak to his desire to become an evil super-villain (he's joking of course).

He has simple tastes, many have pointed out his quarters seem rather Spartan than most. Is one of very few people who finds field rations enjoyable. He enjoys holo-sports and is a big fan of Captain Proton.


Saul was born on Io to a single father, his mother left them almost as soon as he was born. However, his father eventually remarried and his step-mother proved to be very loving and compassionate. At an early age Saul was very much a trouble maker, setting up elaborate pranks on his parents and friends.

This was a habit that followed him into Starfleet Academy where his pranks grew more elaborate and sometimes dangerous. As an engineer his favorite prank was to reprogram transporter pads to beam the user into Commodore Nicole Archer's office... sans clothing. He had been reprimanded on numerous occasions but despite this he proved a very capable engineer and after graduating was assigned to the USS Melbourne.

He continued moving from one assignment to the other until the loss of Earth where he soon found himself as the new caretaker of Deep Space Nine. However, once the Dominion/Federation treaty was signed he soon found himself working to undermine Dominion forces, utilizing much of his old pranks in the process.

However, he's recently developed a plan that could greatly help the growing resistance to Dominion control that may well see him joining a particular old Franklin-class vessel...

Saul remained a part of the Titan crew up until a majority of them were transferred to the Osiris. His reasoning being that he just can't part with the crew he now sees as his family.

Favourite Sayings

"Smooth as Bajoran rum." - A line he likes to use whenever he fixes something, or when someone asks him how difficult a task will be.

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Image of Saul Clarke
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