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Summary: A calm and smooth ex-spy turned Captain

Captain Joh

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Gender: Male

Age: ??

Group: Crew of the USS Firebird (NCC-74919-D)


Lurians: An alien species from the planet Luria and were rarely seen outside of the Ionite Nebula region. The Lurian government was controlled by the Royal Family of Luria.


Trained in Starfleet covert operations, Joh has worked in the shadows for the Federation for who knows how long on classified missions.
Firearms, Sniping
Melee Weapons
Martial Arts


Starfleet Lieutenant

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'1"
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Shaved

Lurians were known to have multiple hearts, four lungs at the minimum, and two stomachs. As a result, they were not only more resistant to damage than most species, but were also able to withstand poisons and other toxins much better. They were able to store liquids in their second stomach for many years, if necessary. The average Lurian was approximately the same height as the average Human (perhaps a few centimeters taller), but had a much broader and heavier body. Lurians were grayish- or tan-skinned beings descended from mammals. Their most noteworthy feature was their narrow, elongated heads. They had wide mouths, puggish noses, and small, deep-set eyes.

Personality and interests

Joh may act like the shy quiet type but believe it or not he is actually a ladies man despite his appearance. He has had lovers all across the galaxy who will drop everything just to be with him again. He is the "James Bond" of aliens as he thwarts evil plans against Starfleet while charming the females in the area. He loves saving the day and getting the girl at the end.


Trained in Starfleet covert operations, Joh has worked in the shadows for the Federation for who knows how long on classified missions. He is not allowed to discuss his missions but he has been known to tell a good story or two. For decades he has thwarted evil plans against Starfleet and charmed many females across the Galaxy. Now that life hangs onto the balance he has been transferred to the front line in hopes he can make a difference.

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Image of Captain Joh
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