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Summary: The Osiris Helmsman


Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Crew of the USS Osiris (NCC-7349-E)







Physical Appearance

Typical of most Kadeen, Nalah has pale hair and skin with distinct black patterns and piercing gold eyes.

Personality and interests

Nalah is confident in herself and her abilities but often becomes exceedingly humble whenever she receives praise for accomplishments. She enjoys doing gymnastics in the holodeck and is also a skilled dancer.


Nalah's race, the Kadeen, are rarely seen in Federation space, though they do trade with the Ferengi and other races often. Nalah was an orphan sold into slavery as a child but was rescued by a Federation starship and was swiftly adopted by a loving Terran couple. The love and kindness she experienced with her adopted parents is what prompted her to join Starfleet in the hopes of helping other children like herself.

She soon found that she was a natural at piloting and focused her efforts in flight school. Soon afterward she was tasked with flying various Starfleet vessels until the Borg invaded Earth. There she decided to lie low until she learned of the Starfleet underground movement attempting to overthrow the Dominion. She took part in the Battle To Reclaim Earth and managed to impress Captain Cameron Gunner, who personally requested she be transferred to his new ship the Osiris.

Favourite Sayings

"I'm a good pilot, not the best, but good." - She is probably one of the best pilots in the Federation at the moment.

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Image of Nalah
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