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Summary: A Throman Genius Engineering Officer with social issues

Lt. Koori Cren (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Crew of the USS Firebird (NCC-74919-D)


Race: Throman
Planet of Origin: Throm


Starfleet training and combat training from her own people
Very agile and has amazing eyesight


Lt. of Engineering in Starfleet

Physical Appearance

See pic
Height: 5'5"

Personality and interests

She is a tech genius even among her people.


Koori's ancestors originally came from a Throm, which resembled Earth's Easter Island. (Easter Island does indeed have a bird-man cult, and numerous rock carvings of bird people have been found there.) In terms of evolution, the bird people were thousands of years ahead of the human race. However, when humans finally started to spread across the earth, Koori's ancestors were already exploring the stars.

Despite being a tech genius, Koori has bad social skills and has trouble fitting in outside of tech talk. Recruited by Joh since he welcomed her skills and ignored her background. Though she finds him to be an odd choice for Starfleet, she takes solace in the chance he gave her to be more than an outcast.

Since her people they did not fly on their own wings, they built spaceships when the human race was still in its infancy.

Favourite Sayings

Funny how you see it that way.

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Image of Lt. Koori Cren (NPC)
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