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Summary: A sassy Trill looking Medical Hologram Officer

Dr. Holly (Hologram NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 1

Group: Crew of the USS Firebird (NCC-74919-D)


Trill Hologram version
Emergency Medical Holographic program (or "EMH") and chief medical officer


Medical Officer Hologram

The mobile emitterEdit
Mobile emitter

The Doctor's mobile emitter: In 2373, Voyager encountered the Aeon under command of Captain Braxton. Due to a temporal paradox, Voyager was transported to Earth in 1996. During this mission The Doctor obtained a piece of 29th century technology from Henry Starling, originating from the Aeon, called a mobile emitter. This device, though only a few centimeters long, was able to contain the entire EMH program and project The Doctor autonomously. After the timeline was restored and Voyager returned to the Delta Quadrant, The Doctor kept the emitter. It was quickly established that the transfer of The Doctor's program to and from the emitter would be quite easy; practically all he had to do was issue a voice command and attach the emitter to his left shoulder. Holly has one as well so she can move about the ship.


Medical Officer Hologram

Physical Appearance

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Height 5'9"

Personality and interests

She is programmed to be a polite but sassy. She tends to flirt with Joh for some reason. She loves studying new things.


The EMH Mark I was created on Jupiter Station by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, who based the hologram's physical appearance on his own. Lieutenant Reginald Barclay also worked on the project, testing the EMH's interpersonal skills. She came with the ship that way.

Favourite Sayings

Did get hurt by accident or did you miss me?

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Image of Dr. Holly (Hologram NPC)
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