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Summary: A Deltan Communications Officer with a pheremone issue

Lt. Liyla (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Crew of the USS Firebird (NCC-74919-D)


The Deltans were a humanoid species originating from the Federation planet Delta IV.

Deltans were identified by their bald scalps and were known to wear head dresses. Their strong sexual attraction could be a distraction for members of other species, which is why Deltans swore an oath of celibacy upon entering service in Starfleet.


Apocrypha: The Deltans' strong sexual presence, even without physical contact, was explained by pheromones and sub-conscious telepathy.


Starfleet Communications Officer

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"

"The Deltan race is much older than Humans, with brains much more finely evolved in areas of art and mathematics," and postulated that all Deltans were "completely hairless except for the eyes." The guide also suggested that esper abilities were common to the Deltans living on their homeworld and that, in their culture, virtually everything (i.e. all social interaction) was sex-oriented, with sexual foreplay consisting "largely of lovers placing images in each other's minds."

Personality and interests

She is very charming and graceful. She is easy to get along with and good at her job.

"Deltans, at first impression, may seem to be proudly aloof. However, a quick-eyed observer becomes immediately aware that Deltans actually have a splendidly developed sense of humor and fun lying immediately beneath that poised exterior. Their graceful carriage has lured many a Human into believing them cool intellectuals, only to discover that the Deltan is enjoying a good-humored joke at that Human's expense. Unlike the Vulcan race, Deltans value and delight in emotion – they see emotion as one of the myriad delights of being a life form. They are a sensual race – they enjoy the sensation of feeling hunger and fulfilling appetite in every form from satisfying their palates with exquisite foods, to the caress of a warm breeze or the bite of a bitter wind, the touch of an infant's hand, and especially all the shared communications and physical sensations of acts of love. Along its path to individual awareness, all the five (perhaps six) senses of the Deltan become highly acute and sensitive. Their taste buds, the rods and cones of their inner eyes, even their smallest epidermal nerve ending, all are sensitive far beyond the Human norm." The same character study also mentioned historical similarities between the civilizations of Earth and the Deltan homeworld and that the Deltans "long ago lost their interest in space voyaging (concentrating on their own inner-space)," so that, there were only a few Deltans who had joined Starfleet, even though "the highly evolved Deltan intelligence can handle the most complex spherical trigonometric complexities of space navigation as easily as a Human learns simple multiplication tables." "Sex with a Deltan woman is like nirvana. After that no man can be satisfied with anyone else. The Deltan woman is so sophisticated sexually that any contact with a Human man would drive him insane. It's wonderful."


In 2141, the ECS Horizon encountered a group of Deltans. Travis Mayweather, who was fifteen at the time, later described them as very attractive and very open. On the advice and invitation of his father, he dealt with the feelings they engendered in him by performing exhausting workouts in the gym, a method he returned to (and recommended to Lt. Malcolm Reed) while three Orion slave girls were "guests" aboard Enterprise in December 2154.

One Deltan, Starfleet Lieutenant Ilia, made direct contact with the V'ger entity when it approached Earth in the 2270s, whereupon she was listed as missing in action. Another Deltan served as an officer aboard the USS Excelsior in 2285. Four male Deltan ambassadors later served on the Federation Council in 2286. Six Deltan ambassadors were later present at the Khitomer Conference in 2293.

Lt. Liyla has often had trouble working with males due to her pheromones causing problems and attracting to much attention. However she is very gifted in art, music and languages. Recruited by Joh since he welcomed her skills and ignored her background. Though she finds him to be a bad representative of Starfleet, she takes solace in the chance he gave her to be more than an outcast.

Favourite Sayings

We have an incoming message Captain.

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Image of Lt. Liyla  (NPC)
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