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Summary: A wild feline Helms Officer trying to prove herself

Lt. Avy Jynks (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Crew of the USS Firebird (NCC-74919-D)


Lieutenant Avy is a half-El-Aurian, half-Caitian Starfleet Helmsman.


She is an amazing pilot despite being a bit of a nut job.


Lt. of Helm in Starfleet

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'1"
Species: El-Aurian/Caitian
Hair: Lavendar
Eyes: Yellow cat eyes

She wears special glasses (of her own invention) when flying that allow her to see readings up close during dangerous maneuvers.

Personality and interests

She is a party girl at heart and loves to drink and fly which has gotten her ground many times. She is a wild girl at heart but loves to fly.


An unorthodox pilot who barely got by due to her need to push her luck. She got passed over many times and was reduced to a transport shuttle till Joh gave her a chance.

Favourite Sayings

Wanna race?

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Image of Lt. Avy Jynks (NPC)
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