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Summary: A Post-Borg human with a dark history he's trying to move past.

Nathaniel Kine

Gender: Male

Age: 47

Group: Crew of the USS Osiris (NCC-7349-E)


Post-Borg Human


Science and Technology
Combat Tactics



Physical Appearance

Nathan is a tall, bald man with extensive cybernetic replacements making up over 87% of his body. His lower jaw is missing and has been replaced with a cybernetic apparatus which allows him to speak.

Personality and interests

Nathan is driven, disciplined, and incredibly intelligent. He is married to his work, mostly as a result of his sense of alienation due to his Borg origins, which has resulted in a deep loneliness he hides with a mask of professionalism.


Nathan was declared missing in action since the battle of Wolf-359. It was only until recently that he was freed from the Borg collective. When freed it was determined that fully removing his Borg implants and enhancements would result in his death, as the Borg had, over time, continued to replace his organic parts with cybernetics. This was due to the level of damage Nathan sustained over his many years as a Borg drone.

As it turns out, he was a particularly ruthless drone, often sent into combat zones to terminate or assimilate enemy forces. Something that, after finally regaining his individuality, has haunted him to this day.

Since returning to Starfleet, he's been instrumental in helping other Post-Borg reintegrating with the rest of society. Something he has developed considerable experience in due to his level of augmentation. He was assigned to the Osiris as the ship's new commander and counselor.

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Image of Nathaniel Kine
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