A Raw Deal (Part 1)

(OOC - Yeah, but I figured once Spock disappeared and was considered KIA either Saren would put the pieces together or Saavik finally told him. Really I just felt like it was a good bit to throw in considering that Spock had been trying to reunify Romulans and Vulcans.

Also great work establishing the new status quo Skought, I'm loving what you're doing!)

Larrala lifted an eyebrow in surprise at his choice of words. "I never thought I would hear a Vulcan begging, but the hopeless situation we now face is beyond belief, and you are obviously an unusual Vulcan." She let out a breath. "But very well, Commander, I will do what I can. Just how well my people have fared, however, is not at present known to me. There are two possible ways to find out though—another trip to Romulan space being one of them. Considering what happened the last time I accompanied a Federation vessel into Romulan space I strongly advise against that. What I could do, however, is broadcast a Romulan subspace transmission encoded for a Captain's eyes only. If there are any cloaked vessels lurking out there somewhere, one of them just may be intrigued enough to respond. If so, I will attempt to parlay a meeting, but I can make no promises. Whilst I still hold a high rank among the Imperial Navy, whatever is left of it could well be under the control of the Tal Shi'ar, which is, or rather was, a separate service branch to mine, and would kill me as soon as look at me."

Saren considered her suggestions carefully. "If you decide to return to Romulan space or end up making contact with any vessels that have managed to sneak through to the Gamma Quadrant, I would like to accompany you. If you'd allow me to." He turned to look out at the ships making their way to the wormhole. "I just hope that your people can see reason..."


It only took a month until negotiations with the Dominion were finalized, and the results were clear. The Dominion would allow the remnants of Starfleet and the Federation to settle numerous Dominion worlds, under the condition that the refugees worked for the Dominion, either as miners or menial service staff. Essentially becoming slaves. Worse yet, many of Starfleet's vessels were to be impounded by the Dominion as a "good faith" gesture.

Some less impressive ships would be allowed to continue flying, though most were either used as garbage scows or were under heavy supervision by the Vorta and Jem'Hadar. Sadly, the Titan was one of the vessels to be impounded. An action that Cam hadn't been to happy about.

However, the most crushing sight was that of the Enterprise being towed into the decrepit stellar junkyard. It was as if the Federation had died right then and there. But Cam wasn't one to give up so easily, and neither was Starfleet.

Cam had opted for a position on a small Vorta cargo freighter ferrying supplies to various Federation colonies within the Dominion, which also meant stopping at DS9 for refueling. When they did this, Cam usually made a bee-line for Quark's, but today it wasn't for the drinks or a game of dabo.

Benjamin Sisko was waiting at the bar, his Starfleet uniform in crisp condition, as if in defiance of the new status quo. When he saw Cam, who was wearing a ratty-looking leather jacket and was growing a prominent beard, he regarded him with a frown but offered the seat next to him.

"Admiral." Cam said as he took a seat.

"There's no need to call me admiral anymore. I haven't been an admiral for a month," a small grin formed on his face, "guess the Dominion is still carrying a grudge against me. They had me stripped of my rank as part of the deal."

"To hell with the Dominion, sir." Cam said sharply. "You're still Admiral Sisko to me."

Sisko smiled, "And you? You still a captain?"

Cam smirked and shifted his jacket to reveal he was still wearing his pips under the collar. "Never thought I'd proudly wear these things. It's amazing how things change."

"And how they stay the same..." Sisko said as he spotted two Jem'Hadar enter the bar.

"R'ana told me you wanted to see me." Cam said.

"How is the Lieutenant?" Sisko asked.

"Wouldn't know, she's been running infiltration missions, establishing a spy network for us. My guess, it's going well." Cam said.

"Good to hear," Sisko took a sip of his drink and tried to act as natural as he could as the Jem'Hadar soldiers began to stare at him. "Look, it's clear to everyone just how bad this deal with the Dominion really is. We've willingly traded in our freedom for safety from The Borg, but it can't last. Either the Dominion will stamp us out, or The Borg will come to finish what they started at Earth."

"What's Starfleet planning to do?" Cam asked.

"Officially, Starfleet can't do anything. The Vorta run everything and their Jem'Hadar are quick to crush any resistance. But Admiral Janeway and Captain Data have been working to try and subvert their control as best they can. They've been issuing secret orders to any Starfleet captains still in operation. But we've hit a snag."

"You need more ships." Cam said.

Sisko nodded, "And we need them to be able to operate free of Dominion control."

Cam began to smile. "Starfleet wants to make a run for the impounded ships."

Sisko made sure to keep his voice down as the Jem'Hadar behind him drew closer. "Looks like we don't have much time, so I'll be quick. You need to find an engineer named Saul Clarke. He's been maintaining the station's systems. He'll fill you in on the rest of the plan..."

It was then that one of the Jem'Hadar put its hand on Sisko's shoulder. "You are the one they call Benjamin Sisko."

"I am. What can I do for you, fine Jem'Hadar today?" Sisko said with a hint of sarcasm.

"You wear the uniform of Starfleet. Yet you were stripped of your rank and position as part of the treaty."

"Oh, this old thing?" Sisko gestured to his uniform. "Yes, but all my clothes are being washed today and this uniform was all I had."

"The sight of you wearing it is an insult to The Dominion."

Cam stood up from his seat, "Hey, give the old guy a break."

"No need to stand up for me, Gunner." Sisko assured him. "The good Jem'Hadar is right, it was very poor form of me to walk around the station in my old uniform."

"Remove it." The Jem'Hadar demanded.

"Sir, I can't..." Cam argued.

"Leave, Gunner..." Sisko said, not breaking his gaze away from the Jem'Hadar. Cam did as he was told and slinked out of the bar. Sisko and the Jem'Hadar continued to glare at one another. "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"Remove your uniform. It stands as an insult to The Dominion."

"And what would you have me wear?" Sisko said.

"It is no problem of mine. It will serve as a lesson to you for deciding to flaunt your Starfleet colors."

"So you'd rather I flaunt something else?" Sisko was sure the Jem'Hadar didn't catch his meaning.

"I'd rather you walk the station in shame."

"Well that's not going to work out so well, as I feel no shame." Sisko said with and hint of venom in his tone.

That was enough for the Jem'Hadar to try and strike him. Sisko ducked and slammed his fist into the Jem'Hadar's gut, forcing all the wind out of him. He then brought his other fist down and struck the Jem'Hadar in the neck, sending him collapsing to the ground. The other two Jem'Hadar leaped in and began to beat Sisko, who managed to get in a few good shots before finally going down. At this moment a Vorta stepped into the bar and assessed the situation.

"Ah, Admiral Sisko," she smirked. "Defiant to the end it seems." The Vorta looked to the two Jem'Hadar. "Take him to the brig."

The Jem'Hadar hefted Sisko's limp form off the bar room floor and dragged him out. His starfleet uniform somewhat torn and scuffed, yet still very much intact.

(OOC: Rosmary, I don't know which option you'd prefer Larrala go for, and if you'd want Saren to join her. I think it'd be interesting to have them venture back into Romulan space and have some misadventures there, but I figure I'll let you take the lead on that one. If you want Saren to join Larrala, feel free to write for Saren for convenience's sake.)

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