OOC - Apologies and Life Is A Dick

Okay so right off the bat I have to apologize for not posting when I said I would, it seems life is eager to keep kicking me in the gut this year and because of that I haven't been able to write as much as I've wanted.

So to keep a story short, I've been working on moving out of my old place and into a new one and its been more difficult than it should. And it looks like it'll be taking longer than expected and I'm constantly tired and depressed because I hate moving. So I won't be able to keep playing for a while.

I'm not stopping the game, because I love what you guys have done to contribute to the story so far, and I do want to continue playing but it seems it won't happen until life gets bored of kicking my teeth in.

So there's what's going on. Sorry again, but I do hope you guys keep playing. I'm thinking of making you two (Skought and Rosmary) mods so you have more freedom and can accept new players. Leme know what you guys think of that.

Anyways, gotta go pack.


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