Calm Before The Storm - Part Four

[ USS CHAOS | Conference Room ]

“First, let us welcome back to the Chaos, Lieutenant Commander Rebecca Proust, our ship’s Councilor, and Lieutenant Commander James Harris our ship’s Second Officer and Operations Chief.” Those gathered clapped politely.

"It's an honor to serve with all of you," said Harris enthusiastically. "I've been slowly studying your past log entries. It's amazing what you have accomplished."

Laralla smiled at Harris' tone and distinctive gravelly voice​​, then looked to Silverton and the others. "And I am very pleased to be back working with you all again, this time in an official capacity." She gave another grateful nod to Sol for making it happen.

“Now, onto the mission. Chief Hagen has been working tirelessly on the new weapon. Tell us about it, Lieutenant.”

“The first Borg ship defeated was over Earth. Captain Picard communicated to his crew to input a sub-command, putting them to prematurely to sleep, which created a loop, and eventual overload.” Deux explained, “From that encounter we learned the value of sub-command routines to the Borg. Although without a Borg drone to help make the command stick, repeated use of this tactic has not been successful.”

“The Borg Queen has given us a new sub-command, that with the Borg now weakened by the Jem’Hadar and other factors, we believe can now work. This sub-command reverses the very initial takeover of mind, essentially restoring a drone’s individuality. This has been weaponized and is ready. Essentially once we are in range, we broadcast a signal and it does the rest. I call it the Weaponized Individuality Signal Emulator or WISE for short.”

Silverton thank the Chief Science Officer then began issuing orders.

“Commander Sol will select the best location for our live test.”

“Commander Proust, I want a report on the possible consequences of using this weapon. Will the Borg be open to communication? What will be priority? That type of thing.”

"Yes, Captain,​ I shall have that to you as soon as possible,​" Larrala responded in affirmation. She knew a behavioural prediction of the disintegration of the hive-mind would need to factor in a great many things as far as what they could expect and what strategy to employ in one or another situation they might face. Would these individuals be able to organize to any real extent and how much would they still be under the sway of the Borg? How much would any of them still even be Borg? Even if they all had their individuality fully restored their nervous systems would be still linked to the ships and when the ships were made impaired and inoperable, would the life functions of most of the drones be able to still be maintained? Possibly most might not live long enough to enjoy their newfound mental liberty, but such was the nature of war, she supposed, grimly.

“Commander Harris I want you to compile all the data we receive from our efforts. Hagen will have his attention on the WISE weapon. Starfleet will need this to develop it further.”

"Aye, Captain," replied Harris. "I shall begin immediately."

“Any other questions?” There were none.

“Alright, let’s get to work.” Silverton dismissed the group.

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