The Storm - Part 1

Zane Silverton reread the same paragraph three times before giving up. Sitting in his chair he wanted to project an air of confidence, but not so much that it was unbelievable. They had gone up against Borg cubes before, but not with this weapon. Each time was a staring match with Death, and so far, Death always blinked. At some point though Death always won. It was a patient killer with a very high score. There were things worse than Death, however, being assimilated into the Borg collective was one of them Zane thought. The idea of losing one’s identity was a violation of the highest order. These thoughts were not making it easier to remain confident.

“Captain, we received word from DS9. Another cube just entered the quadrant and is heading this way.” Lieutenant Timberlake’s voice didn’t break.

They were already at red-alert, but Silverton couldn’t help himself from asking his Science Chief once again, “Are we ready Hagen?”

“Aye, sir. All green.” Hagen’s usual jovial self was all business.

Most of the simulations showed the Borg cube ignoring the CHAOS, since their focus was on the Jem’Hadar. Still, you never knew.

“Contact.” Timberlake reported. “Time until we are in range, two minutes.”

"Maintaining long range sensor lock on Borg cube, Captain," said Mr. Harris. "Monitoring all comm channels. Transferring all algorithms for shield and phaser frequency rotations to Tactical. Priority One access of all ship resources assigned to Science. Ops awaits your orders, Captain."

“At this range we might only register to their sensors as a vintage NX-class ship,” Larrala remarked. “Hardly a threat or something worth assimilating.”

“Helm, initiate.” Zane ordered, putting the first phase of the plan into action. The CHAOS used a harmless nebula to hide itself for as long as possible. Emerging from the cloud, the small ship was minuscule compared to the Borg cube.

“Activate WISE weapon.” Zane found he was holding his breath. How long would it take to work? Would it work?

“The cube is dropping out of warp.” Timberlake reported.

“Follow, but keep your distance.” Silverton knew that was general, but his helmswoman was getting pretty good at reading his mind.

Hagen reported that the cube had gone full stop. Power on the cube started to get erratic. Fire were breaking out, then the messages began.

“Almost one thousand signals.” Sol reported. “You brought Chaos to their perfection.”

“War.” Silverton ordered, “Take a team over there.”

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