Junkyard Dogs - Part I

Cam stood over a control panel on a Cardassian junk freighter. R'ana was at the helm and the clandestine engineer Saul Clarke was sitting at the console next to her. Cam hoped this crazy plan would work. They needed to get the Titan back, especially with the situation being as dire as it was.

They approached the junker fleet, a massive ring of old and decrepit starships orbiting a bright blue gas giant. Quite a few Starfleet vessels now orbited this graveyard, the sight made Cam feel sick. R'ana slowed the freighter as a pair of Dominion vessels approached.

"Unknown vessel, state your purpose here." A Jem'Hadar hailed them.

Saul spoke up, "We have a salvage commission, sending the contract and all necessary information now."

The Jem'Hadar nodded, "Very well, conduct your business. But take care, if we feel your actions are suspicious, we will shoot you out of the sky."

"No problem," Saul said as he winked to R'ana.

They made their way into the debris field, passing numerous ships. Cam considered maybe taking one of these ships. Maybe a Miranda-class or even a Sovereign? It was tempting, but the Titan was surprisingly versatile. Admittedly, Cam had fallen for the old girl.

"Scans show the Titan is a few clicks ahead." Saul said. "We'll board her and get her ready to blast out of here."

"Let's just hope Saren and the others are ready with that diversion..." Cam said.


OOC: Sorry for the delay in posting but I got sick. Seems like it's always something, but I found some energy to make a small post and get the ball rolling on getting the Titan out of impound. Hope you guys are doing well! ;)

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