Joh received ten new Cadets to the security team and had a formal meeting with them to both welcome them and tell them his expectations in preparation for the things to come. He also gave out the training and duty schedules so they could prepare for their day. He noticed the look of excitement on Alara's face as she was ready for duty. He also noticed the look on Gaila's face as she suspected Alara was interested in Joh. After the meeting Joh let Gaila monitor the teams and schedules as Joh left on his own to add more of his hidden devices all over the ship.

After securing a lot of his tiny security devices around the Station he went back to his office to go through the pile of reports on his desk. Joh spent the next few hours making updates and answering his mail. Several coffees later Joh left Lt. Gaila in charge of the second shift as he went to get a shower and some sleep for a few hours. Back at his room, Joh relaxed to some music while the hot water hit his neck.


Even though he had a lot on his mind, Joh only focused on the water and music to ease his stress. It was an old technique he learned long ago to help him deal with bad days. Due to his prior line of work he had a lot of bad days and was close to burning out many times. Being a spy and assassin forced him to push himself to the limits. It was a miracle he was still alive considering all his black op missions and close calls. The scars on his body were proof of his rough life. After some calming breathing techniques he washed up and dried up before putting on a silky robe. Then he adjusted the room temperature and diming the lights, Joh got into bed and closed his eyes. His mind began to wander as he was lulling into a deep sleep after a long day.

Of course he was disturbed by the sound of someone on the other side of the door. He spoke and opened the door to see Alara nervously standing there. Joh sat up and moved to the side of his bed to give the Cadet some attention.

Joh: What can I do for you Ensign Alara?

Alara looked like a nervous girl as she tried to stand straight while fidgeting with her hands and feet. She looked like she had a lot on her mind as she wanted to speak to him. Joh sat patiently as his robe was slightly open revealing his chest.

Alara: Permission to speak freely sir.

Joh: Sure why not.

Alara: Remember when we said we will talk later?

Joh: About your folks right? So go on. (yawn)

Alara: They are mad at me Joh. They wanted me to get a degree in art or music, but since my scores were bantha crap I couldn't get into any fancy colleges. But to be honest I really didn't want to go there anyway. Ever since I met you I wanted to see you again so I joined Starfleet hoping that one day I could see you again. I know it was stupid and it was sheer luck I found you by accident, but I want to believe...……..we had a connection. Heck you are the toughest guy I know, which made it hard for me to get a boyfriend. Well that and my super strength which sent the boys running for the hills. Most guys freak out when you crack their ribs just giving them a hug.

Joh: Is that it?

Alara: No...…….please don't send me away okay. I will work hard to win your approval...….I promise. I just need you to accept me.

Joh: Professionally or emotionally?

Alara blushed as she knew she was going to have to take a chance and tell him everything in order accomplish her goal.

Alara: Both.

Alara looked at Joh with nervous hope in her eyes as small tears beaded up pending his answer. Joh noticed she was on the verge of a melt down based on his answer. This was yet another reason he had a love them and leave them policy in the past, since some tended to get clingy.

Joh: You know I am older enough to be your grandfather right?

Alara: Yes I do. And I know I am pushing my luck but I know what I want and its you Joh. For the last ten years I worked hard hoping I could see you again. Please just give me a chance.

Joh: What if I am seeing someone else?

Alara: Then I will win you away from her.

Joh: Right now I am seeing Lt. Gaila on the side.

Alara: Your XO? Really? Do you love her?

Joh: No......its just for her convivence and training.

Alara: Fine then I will see you too. I will win your heart Joh.

Joh: You are not going to let this go are you?

Alara: No. I came this far, so I will see it to the end.

Joh: I wish you would stop seeing me as some hero in your mind Alara. I am spy and a killer. I make problems go away and sleep like a tribble right after I do it. I am by far the worst man you could ever idolize or fall for. Your parents would flip this station over if they knew what you were up to.

Alara: Please don't tell them Joh. I will do anything I promise.

Joh: Your moral compass is messed up girl.

Alara: That's not fair Joh. I deserve a chance to be with you and unlike that Orion harlot I actually have feelings for you. Please?

Joh: I am so going to regret this.

Alara: Really? Oh Joh I am so happy. I...…

Alara jumped onto Joh and pushed him bad on the bed before he stopped her from continuing. Her strength was insane and he was lucky to have a tough body.

Joh: There is going to be rules though. This matter is confidential and never to be discussed outside this room. You and Lt. Gaila will behave professionally and you will keep your cool or I will call it off. Understood?

Alara nervously nodded and then smiled as she kissed Joh for the first time. After that Joh didn't get much sleep and was a bit sore from Alara's incredible strength and aggressive loving. Sadly he woke up when his door opened and he saw Lt. Gaila. come in. She had a stern look on her face when she saw Alara sleeping next to him.

Lt. Gaila: Now I see why you are running late.

Joh: You women are going to be the death of me.

Lt. Gaila: Does she know about us?

Joh: Yes and I ordered her to play nice. I expect the same from you as well.

Lt. Gaila: Sure whatever you say sir.

Joh: Thanks for covering for my shift. Go get some food and rest. I have a full schedule today.

Lt. Gaila: I hope you can work me into your schedule soon.

Joh: Yeah yeah now go get some sleep or you won't be any good to me on your shift.

Lt. Gaila left to her quarters as Joh got up. Joh then left a message with the computer to wake up Alara and Gaila an hour before their shifts. After changing he grabbed some chow and headed back to his office. He had a lot of reports to go through before he got a call from Engineering and found out his net turrets were ready to go and they were tested well with in spec and were ready for approval from Admiral Sisko. Joh added his approval and forwarded the request to Admiral Sisko for approval to add to the station. After thanking the Engineer for her hard work Joh put her in for a commendation for this project since it was very significant. Since he had to wait for approval, Joh went ahead and finished up his reports before he made sure Alara was already on duty with her female mentor. Joh noticed most of his security force were females since most of the males were killed in the past. He figured it was the enemy trying to make a macho point. Sadly many aliens saw females as weak and less of a threat. Joh on the other hand knew different as he was well aware how dangerous females could be, especially females guarding a child.

So after checking up on Alara he checked up on Lt. Gaila who was sleeping in her quarters. He popped his neck as he knew seeing the two of them was like jugging two over charged phasers ready to blow at any second. All he could do was pacify them and hope they stayed in line. A few hours later Sisko sent the approval to Joh for the net turrets. Joh then forwarded it to the Engineer who had already began mass producing them. Joh headed over to see the Engineer and showed her the small devise he had been planting around the ship.

Engineer: What is it?

Joh: I want to add these camera beacon/dampeners on the turrets as well. I have put several all over the station already. Should an unapproved lifeform try to beam onboard they will create an oscillating signal that interfere with the transport beam and render the lifeform unconscious.

Engineer: Did the Admiral approve of them?

Joh: Yes long before the Turrets. I have put a good 300 out there but time is not on my side with my new gig. Think you can help me get them all over the ship and tie them into the new security system?

Engineer: That should not be a problem. I can do it during routine maintenance. You don't plan on spying on the ladies do you?

Joh: Cut me some slack will you? Its to keep enemies from beaming aboard. I'd rather take on the Borg than a bunch of angry women.

Engineer: Good cause I think you have your hands full with the Lt. and Ensign already.

Joh: How is ship gossip a bigger priority than ship assignments? Seriously.

Engineer: You would be surprised. The rumor mill is a never ending machine.

Joh: And what pray tell is the rumor saying about me?

Engineer: That you are a ladies man who has a mysterious past. You were seen embraced by Ensign Titan in the Mess Hall and Lt. Gaila was seen going into your quarters. Care to defend yourself?

Joh: Sounds like hearsay.

Engineer: Says the man with a classified background and bizarre tech like this.

Joh: Please don't pry into my past. I kinda like having you around and not in a brig.

Engineer: Don't worry Lt. Commander Joh I can keep a secret. I also heard about your insane training program for security to beef up security skills and combined with your new security devices I feel some peace of mind having you around in these dark times. Its comforting to have a man with your...….....talents in charge of security. Honestly I was expecting a war tyrant with strict rules and little freedom to work without an investigation every hour. All that ever did was make everyone stressed out and miserable, then when we got attacked they were helpless in the end.

Joh: Well I find a hidden blade ensures more success over a giant flaming sword any day.

Engineer: Exactly. I can see why many ladies look at you that way. Your cloak and dagger tactics don't interfere with our daily life, while adding to our safety. Even I appreciate that.

Joh: Aww gees not you to. I already have enough stress from that department.

Engineer: Relax sir. I am happily married, but if I wasn't I would be knocking on your door in the wee hours too.

Joh: You women are going to be the death of me.

Engineer: Good luck sir. You will need it.

Joh: So how long before we can get the Station fully installed?

The Engineer pulled up a screen to show Joh what she had planned to be efficient.

Engineer: As you can see while in a dormant stage they look like lights and I added a light fixture to them to add to the effect. So my plan is to implement one row at a time in a long spaced out row through out the whole ship. Then I will continue to add new rows as I go till we have three to five rows in the main sections. Once that is done I can work on the lesser used areas. Since I am low on staff it will take a while to outfit the whole station so my plans are pretty much set now.

Joh: Good. Start with the command center and work your way from there.

Engineer: My thoughts exactly sir.

Joh: Send me a report on your progress so I can update my data. I just hope we can make some progress before we get attacked.

Engineer: Me to sir. I'll do what I can to improve efficiency, but I will have to bring in others.

Joh: Make sure they understand the rules and work well with you.

Engineer: Will do sir.

Joh then left Engineering and made his way to the mess hall for lunch where he tried to relax for a bit before he had to get back to his office.


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