Anonther Day

Alara quickly pounced on Joh and kissed him, before she giggled and put on her boots. Gaila then did the same to Joh's surprise as he was speechless. He then forced his tired body up and got ready for breakfast with his companions in the Mess Hall. After a nice breakfast they headed to duty.

Once again Joh was up to his neck in data pad reports as he had to adjust schedules, training, approvals and the security for the cloning device he recovered from the smugglers the day before. He drank his Oolong tea as he read through each data pad and made his notes on his personal console. He was glad the net turrets disguised as lights were making progress in the last few days. As he patched them through to his console he updated his security panel and was glad they managed to cover a decent amount area. He did some calculations to figure how long it would take till the whole station was covered then he moved on to the security for the cloning equipment that was stolen from the Founder's territory. He decided to use the Security vault to hold it for now till Sisko made a decision. Joh also put it under code name to keep nosy people in the dark about it. Then he debated on what to do with the smuggler ship he confiscated and then he got an idea. After checking on its design and pros and cons he put in a request to have the ship remolded a bit while keeping it looking like a smugglers ship. Joh planned to use that ship for black ops missions in the future once he trained Sisko's agents a bit more.

Joh felt amused as he acquired a ship for the future team. It would not be long till they would be set out and causing mischief. Since crime was at an all time low at this point Joh was relieved to see less prisoners in the brig. In fact the largest group was Bar's gang who Joh recently caught. Joh checked on them through the camera and saw they were looking sad and depressed. Of course to keep them that way Joh made sure they ate foods that made them depressed to kill the urge to escape. Then he checked on the training and schedules to update them on his screen. He was not surprised to see Ensign Alara progressing very high since she was a lot stronger and hardy compared to the others in security. When he checked on Lt. Gaila's progress he was impressed that she could push herself that hard despite her prior training. Joh then flashed back to the night before when both Alara and Gaila drained him of his stamina before letting him sleep. Seeing as he was going to have to experience that on a regular basis he went to the medical center for a vitamin shot and a few extra for later on. Joh told them he had been working hard and neglecting his help. Of course the nurse knew better as she smirked and nodded a lot. It was already around that Joh was a ladies man and had lovers. Joh tried to play off innocent but he could see the flirting looks of the ladies in the clinic.

After leaving the clinic he checked the time and saw his shift was almost over. So he headed to Quark's for a drink and a bit of info. Quark was jittery as Joh approached the bar. Quark tried to be pleasant but knew Joh was going to make his life difficult, even if he did gain more money. After a drink and a little harassment, Quark told Joh about the latest gossip going on that was off the Starfleet record. Joh took everything with a grain of salt and tipped Quark for his services. Then Joh headed back to his office to prepare it for the next shift. Once he was relieved he met up with Alara and Gaila in the Mess Hall who seemed to be on better terms. Joh had little choice but to join them after they waved him over. He was feeling owned as he came to their becking call. He remembered being a super spy who could charm the ladies and kill the villains, but now he was a security boss who was bossed around by two females with a lower rank. He felt like a fish out of water at this point, but took solace in that they were good women who did care for him.....sometimes a bit to much.

After sitting with Gaila and Alara they talked about their day and the rumors going about the ship. When Joh mentioned a rumor going around the three of them they giggled and told him they already knew about it. They said it was awkward at first but they were relieved to know they were not hated for it. In fact some of the other single females on the ship were interested in joining your harem. Joh dropped his jaw in shock as he was not sure he wanted to hear the rest of that story. Alara gave him a wink as she told him he had his hands full with just the two of them. Joh was relieved, since he was not ready to be in that situation and Alara was right when she said he had his hands full. Joh tried to enjoy his meal as he felt a hungry glare coming from both Gaila and Alara. He wondered if this was how his enemies felt when he was hunting them down.

After dinner they made their way to Joh's place for a shower and some intense aerobics. Eventually Alara and Gaila showed Joh some mercy when he was tapped out. Then they got comfortable and told Joh they had no intention of allowing anymore females into his life since both positions were occupied. Joh sighed as he realized these two women just turned his world upside down. Then he told them there would be some days he would need to sleep and they chuckled as they allowed it as long as it was only with them. Joh caved in and agreed to their demands. Normally this situation would be frowned on by Starfleet, but since things were bad he had a lot more leeway. He wondered what he was going to do after the war. After a major change in his lifestyle from being a spy to a Security Officer with two girlfriends, he wondered if he could ever go back to being a single spy again.

He had a feeling Gaila and Alara would hunt him down if he bailed on them. Since it was the unknown he felt he would take it day by day and make a few preparations for the future. Most people didn't know this about Joh, but during his days as a spy he found himself in the position of a lot of gold pressed latinum hidden among his secure safehouses. In fact his retirement would make poor Quark cry with jealousy if he ever found out. However retirement was still a long day away with a three way war going on. As he contemplated his options he drifted off to sleep as his two lovers cuddled up against him. He knew escaping them was not going to happen as he passed out.

The next day Joh woke up to Alara and Gaila getting dressed and picking on him to wake up. Joh staggered out of bed and to get his vitamins. Alara was concerned what Joh was taking till Gaila told her it was just vitamins and she already checked it out. Joh shook his head as his nosy lovers were already taking over his life. Then Gaila teased poor Joh for being worn out by the two of them which made Alara happy and giggly. Joh told them to be nice or he would increase their security training. Gaila and Alara then threatened to not show Joh mercy again in bed if he increased the training to much. The three of them laughed a bit before getting ready for breakfast and duty.


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