A Forced Promotion

"My new security chief, Lt. Commander Joh, though a little over-zealous in his efforts to maintain security on the station, has been a welcome addition to station personnel. My old Changeling friend would be proud of the work he's done keeping the ilk that comes into Quark's in line.

"And speaking of Quark, the new customers coming through the wormhole has brought a spring to his step, in spite of the latinum he carries off from the dom-jat tables. In a way, it reminds me of the good old days, back when I was just a commander...

Lt. Commander Joh was just getting used to life on DS9 as head of security. Granted his schedule was always full shift schedule changes, training schedules, routine events and his two life partners. Granted it was odd to see him being glomped on by Alara and Gaila in public, but others eventually gt used to it. The biggest challenge was keeping Quark happy but out of trouble. So he found various ways to allow Quark to make legal profits such as his Dabo games and Quark's holodeck. Joh knew the gambling games and holodeck aided in the stress relief for the crew and residence on DS9. Joh also managed to talk Quark into hosting a Singles Mixer once a week where participants pay a small fee to have a special "Matchmaking Computer" decide on their best partner based on data entered. Quark was reluctant to do it but since people were desperate to find that special someone after a big war it turned out to be a hit and was held once a week on a regular basis. This helped with bringing the residence and crew to mix and mingle as well as increase the population over time so the DS9 Schools were restarted.

Another project Joh worked with Quark on was an octagon cage ring for professional fights in an old observation deck. Cameras were added as well as ringside seats for serious spectators. Granted many saw it as barbaric, but the hotheaded races like the Klingons and Jem'Hadar loved it since it was a proper outlet to vent their anger.

Cage Fights

The fights started off with three to four fights once a week, but it took off like wild fire as more fighters wanted to test their skills and a betting pool became popular. So once a month Quark set up large card list for the cage fighters to fight with a robot ref and a list of rules based on a point system. The fighters got points for hits, take downs and control of the round and this was kept by the video footage and a computer since it could keep up with the speed of the hits. Quark found if he tried to have to many fights in a month the injuries became a problem so he spaced it out to once a month. Joh then pointed out that Quark could also create a separate event for battling robots made by engineers. This was done the same way as the other fights but the the robots were controlled by the engineers from behind the safety zone in case they were badly damaged or destroyed. The gamblers seemed happy with this event as well and it also drew a large crowd, especially with robot makers and kids.

Quark was in hog heaven as he was raking in a lot of money and keeping the masses entertained and happy with his various events. Joh of course got a small kick back from his aid saved up quite a bit over the two years he was in service. Naturally Joh would take Alara and Gaila to the fights and Dabo games since it was pointless for them to go to a dating event. Alara eventually became curious about becoming a fighter, but Joh convinced her not to since she was to strong and it would not be funny when she beat them all up. Gaila also agreed with Joh and told her it would ruin the game and the ego of the hotheaded males. Alara reluctantly gave in and made Joh buy her some silky nightwear and perfume to make her feel pretty. Of course if he bought for Alara, it meant he had to buy for Gaila as well. Since Joh had a lot of money stocked up over time he never got around to spending it, so he would spoil Alara and Gaila every now and then. Joh figured at the rate things were going he would get bored and retire in five or ten years.

Sadly like all good things in life, his plans would soon change. After his amazing changes to DS9 for security and entertainment in the last two years, he suddenly found himself being called into Sisko's office. Joh figured he was going to be forced to get promoted or reprimanded for something silly, however that was not the case this time.

Sisko: Joh I must congratulate you on your outstanding work here on DS9. Granted you did a lot of your work from the shadows and gave the credit to others like Engineering and Quark, but I feel like you are doing yourself an injustice.

Joh: Sorry Ben but I do my best work from the shadows. You of all people should know that.

Sisko: That is true. So what may I ask are your future plans?

Joh: Well I was planning on working here for another five or ten years before retiring. As it is I have several officers able to replace me as it is.

Sisko: Yeah........you do..........and I wish you could stay here and keep the local peace, but the upper brass needs your help elsewhere?

Joh: Are they gonna send me to the Alpha Quad?

Sisko: If only it were that simple.

Joh cocked his head to the side as he quietly listened to Sisko.

Sisko: Recently the USS Titan was retired and Captain Cameron Gunner was give and new ship. The Osiris is the latest in a new fleet of starships being developed and is a Vigilant-class starship. He has been assigned to the Zandar sector.

Joh: You don't say. Good for him.

Sisko: Something strange is afoot in the Zandar sector. And trouble between post-borg and non-borg is beginning to come to a boil according to rumors of the upper brass.

Joh: I assume this is going somewhere bad for me huh?

Sisko: I am sorry Joh. The upper brass can no longer turn a blind eye to your talents and you passing up several promotions.

Joh: So what do they want?

Sisko: This.

Sisko picked up a data pad and handed it to Joh. Joh turned on the data pad and saw the USS Firebird NCC-74919-D which is a Prometheus-class starship. The Prometheus-class was a highly classified Federation starship designed for deep-space tactical assignments. It was one of the most advanced Starfleet vessels in operation during the later half of the 24th century.



Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Type: Long range tactical cruiser
Class: Prometheus
Length: 415 m
Beam: 170 m
Draft: 113 m
Decks: 16
Propulsion: RCS Thrusters,
Impulse Drive,
Warp Drive
Quantum Slipstream Drive (as of 2387)
Speed: RCS Thrusters - Drift Mode to Warp 9.99 to
Quantum Slipstream Velocity (300 ly/hr) (2387 & on)
Complement: Standard: 140
Minimum Crew: 4

Armament: 18 Type-XII phaser arrays (pre-2387);
18 Type XII Multi-phase phaser arrays (2387 & on)
3 torpedo launchers

Defenses: Regenerative shielding, ablative hull armor, multi-vector assault mode, WISE weapon, Stealth Cloak.

1 Type-11 shuttlecraft,
4 Type-9 shuttlecraft,
2 M1A Sphinx class EVA craft
Subsequent to stardate 55118:
1 Type-13 shuttlecraft,
3 Type-10 shuttlecraft,
2 M1A Sphinx class EVA craft

Technical Data:
Propulsion system:
The warp drive of the Prometheus-class made the ships of this class faster than any other starship in the fleet at the time in the mid 2370s. The warp drive was capable of maintaining speeds exceeding warp 9.9.

Defensive systems:
The Prometheus-class was designed with an unprecedented level of automation, and, combined with its advanced tactical systems, was one of the most powerful combat ships in the Alpha Quadrant. The primary battle systems on board the Prometheus included regenerative shielding, ablative hull armor, phasers, and photon torpedoes.
USS Firebird firing photon torpedo
USS Prometheus, multi-vector assault mode
With multi-vector assault mode engaged
USS Firebird, multi-vector assault mode attack
Engaging a D'deridex-class in assault mode

A unique feature included in the Prometheus design was the multi-vector assault mode, which allowed the ship to split into three semi-independent sections that could each deliver massive force against an enemy target. All three sections were warp-capable. In this mode, the Prometheus could easily disable a Nebula-class at warp, or a D'deridex-class on the field of battle. While other starship classes had similar capabilities, such as the Galaxy-class with its saucer separation feature, generally the saucer section of such classes had no warp drive and limited weaponry.

Additional Systems:
In addition to standard automation systems, the Prometheus-class design also featured holoemitters on every deck, which allowed the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram (Mark II) to access all areas of the ship (most EMHs were confined to sickbay only).

Primary controls for the ventilation system were located in Jefferies tube 17, which was located five decks up from sickbay.

Joh: Well this is one fancy ship Ben. I take it you are showing me this for a good reason?

Sisko: Of course Joh.......................because its yours starting five minutes ago.

Joh: Oh come on Ben. I never even applied for this.

Sisko: I know. But the reality is that the war against the Borg and Dominion practically crippled Starfleet. As it is we have more ships than crew these days so your days of hiding in the shadows has finally come to an end. The upper brass has been scrounging for any qualified leaders they can find so they can fill the empty seats.

Joh: Yeah but my tactics and background should make me a terrible example for representing Starfleet. Hell most of the crap I have done is an X-File, wrapped in a cover-up and deep-fried in paranoid conspiracy!

Sisko: I agree Joh......(serious pause)..........., which is why they are buttering you up with more bells and whistles than most Officers get.

Joh: You're kidding me.

Sisko: Sadly no I am not. They are offering you an elite tactical class ship, your choice from available Officers, a promotion to Captain and they will over look your background and your present arrangement with your lovers.

Joh: You know they will follow me wherever I go right?

Sisko: Yes and that will also be over looked. However I am grateful you upgraded the training, procedures and security here so it won't be to hard to find a decent replacement among your staff.

Joh: I only did that so I could retire one day.

Sisko: Well now you can travel the stars to pass the time.

Joh: How long will I need to do this?

Sisko: Well its a ten year mission so it should fit in with your plans by then.

Joh sighed as he put the pad down and rubbed his temples for a bit. Then he took a deep breath and let it out before he picked up the pad and handed it to Sisko.

Joh: Fine. So how much time do I have to get a crew?

Sisko: Well the Firebird has a temporary command crew headed and several crewmen assigned to it already. They should arrive with the USS Osiris at the same time so you have a week till it arrives and then another week for a systems check. Hopefully by then you will have found your Officers.

Sisko then unlocked the data pad and handed it to Joh who put his thumb on it to confirm accepting the transfer package. Then Joh took the data pad and was dismissed by Sisko.

Joh was bummed out as he made his way to the mess hall for some ice cream and coffee as he looked through the list of Officer candidates. Sadly the list only had fifty candidates available and many of them had issues that kept them from advancing. Joh used a simple pro and con system to isolate the possible candidates from the undesirable ones. He had to be careful not to mix the volatile personalities since they were going into dangerous territories. It wasn't long before Alara and Gaila found Joh in the mess hall. When they saw him eating ice cream they knew right away he was in a bummed out mood.

Gaila: Joh why are you eating ice cream?

Alara: Are you in trouble?

Joh: Yeah the worst kind.

Alara hugged Joh hoping it would help but he grunted as she was squeezing to tight.

Gaila: Did they demote you?

Joh: No the promoted me.

Alara was happy as she beamed a big smile at him. Gaila on the other hand caught on to what he meant.

Gaila: Wait a sec. If you got promoted it means you are being reassigned.

Alara: Is that true? Say it isn't so Joh.

Joh: Its true. I got assigned to the USS Firebird as the Captain by the upper brass against my will.

Alara: But what will happen to us? Joh I can't handle loosing you again.

Joh: I know.

Gaila: You know we will not drop this Joh. We will be part of your crew one way or another.

Joh: I know.......and so does Starfleet.

Alara: They do?

Gaila: So they won't stop us?

Joh: Actually they will over look it since they are desperate to get me to take the job. They made a lot of concessions on top of that.

Gaila: So are allowed to serve under you or will we have to retire?

Alara: I am fine either way.

Joh: Actually I need you both to help me out on that issue.

Gaila: You don't have enough Officers do you?

Joh: Nope.

Alara: Really we can be your officers?

Joh: Yeah if you don't mind. Gaila I will need you on Tactical and Weapons.

Gaila: Really that sounds great!

Alara: And me?

Joh: Head of Security.

Alara: Wow.....my first command. i hope I don't mess up.

Joh: Actually you two are the least of my worries.

Gaila: So who else are you missing?

Joh: Besides you two I only have a Hologram Medical officer named Dr. Holly. She comes with the ship.

Alara: So who is left?

Joh: Well Science, Helm, Engineering, Communication and a First Officer.

Gaila: So who is flying the ship?

Joh: A temp crew coming to DS9.

Alara: So you are trying to find the last four huh?

Joh: Yeah but they are not the best choices out there. I am guessing this is the list of Officers passed up by the other ships. They all have some kind of baggage.

Gaila: Will it be a big problem?

Joh: Naaah. I can work with most of them but I need to make sure they don't class to much.

Alara: Well we can help if you want?

Joh: I appreciate it Alara, but....

Gaila: Since its your command, its best if you choose them right?

Joh: Yeah. Sorry.

Alara: So how long before we see the ship?

Joh: About a week, then another week for maintenance and a systems check.

Gaila: Last two weeks here huh?

Alara: I'm gonna miss this place.

Joh: Well we can try to enjoy it as much as possible since we will be gone for ten years.

Gaila: Ten years huh?

Alara: Wow.

Gaila: So do we have a mission?

Joh: Yeah but I can't discuss it yet.

Alara: More secret stuff huh?

Joh: Yep. If you are working under me you will need to get used to the cloak and dagger routine. The majority of my missions never happened so keep that in mind.

So for the remainder of their time left Joh worked on his choices for his remaining Officers after he accepted his captain pips. Sisko gave Joh, Alara and Gaila time off to make preparations for their transfer. Between spending time with Alara and Gaila, Joh eventually narrowed down his Officer list. For his First Officer he selected Commander Taetae Wyft who was an Andorian had a history of being a tyrant and war monger. For his Tactical Officer he picked Lt. Gaila who he knew and trusted. For his Head of Security he picked Lt. Alara Titan who was stronger than anyone he knew and she was groomed by him personally. For his Engineering Officer he selected Lt. Koori Cren who was a tech genius bird girl with bad social skills outside of tech talk. For his Science Officer he selected Lt. La Pol who was a Vulcan Science Officer that was captured by the Borg two years ago and saved. Sadly few wanted to work with her after that. The Medical Doctor is a hologram named Dr. Holly who comes with the ship. As of the Communication Officer he picked a Deltan who had trouble regulating her pheromones. Then for his Helms officer he selected Lt. Avy Jynks who is a half-El-Aurian, half-Caitian with a wild party girl mentality. This would be her last chance at being a pilot after flying a transport under the influence of alcohol.

Once Joh submitted his Officer request he found some of them were on DS9 already and the other would arrive by the time the Firebird was ready to launch. Sisko approved Joh's request right away and was surprised Joh chose such questionable Officers. Joh told him it was the best he could get under the circumstances. Once the formalities Joh requested were approved he tried to enjoy the rest of his time off with Alara and Gaila.


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