A Clue?

Once Joh submitted his Officer request he found some of them were on DS9 already and the other would arrive by the time the Firebird was ready to launch. Sisko approved Joh's request right away and was surprised Joh chose such questionable Officers. Joh told him it was the best he could get under the circumstances. Once the formalities Joh requested were approved he tried to enjoy the rest of his time off with Alara and Gaila.

The time flew by as Joh and his crew were preparing to take off from DS9. Sadly he was still feeling some harsh glares from Alara and Gaila for selecting an all female Officer crew. Of course there were some males in each department, but they were fresh out of the Academy. Joh still didn't receive any mercy after showing them that the list was 85% female and the males on that list would not fit in with his style. During the war more Starfleet males died than females so the balance ration was way off. It was to the point that some men were taking multiple female partners without getting hit by cooking equipment. Some historians pointed out this has happened a lot in the history of war. After their farewells to DS9 Joh and his crew left the port arm of DS9 and headed out to the Zander Section. Just to be safe Joh had the engineering take it easy and gradually increase speed.

Joh: Captain to Engineering.

Koori: Yes Captain?

Joh: Take us out easy like and slowly increase speed. I want you to pay attention to how this bird handles.

Koori: Aye sir.

Koori then had her crew monitor the warp core and engines as they prepared to go to warp.

Joh: Lt. Jynx take us to warp 1 and gradually increase.

Jynx: But sir we can easily........

Joh: Jynx! Your skills may be top notch, but keep in mind this is a new ship with questionable tech added to it and a new crew straight from the Academy. We need to do this our sake since we are going to a terrible place with little preparation. Oh and FYI most of my missions are classified so there is a good chance we will be on our own out there.

Jynx: Yes sir. (disgruntled)

Jynx complied with Joh as they engaged to warp 1 and slowly progressed to warp 5. Joh then explained to the Officers that they are heading to the Zandar section to investigate possible Borg activity and a lot of ships gone missing. He told them the odds were not in their favor and this ship had a lot of modifications including the WISE weapon and a cloaking shield. This meant they did not exist and were on their own if something went bad. He mentioned that the USS Osiris would also be on a similar mission with them, but each mission was a solo one. Joh made it clear they would eventually be in danger and needed to work together in order to survive. This was a big wake up call for the Officers who have yet to experience a long and serious mission. Joh also mentioned he was not very strict on Starfleet policies, but he was serious about being on schedule, working hard on a shift and making sure everyone was healthy, since he wanted everyone to come back home alive.

As they were in warp 5, Lt. Jynx was monitoring the console and noticed the subtle issues that interfered with her input. Lt. Gaila noticed the various weapons systems available and the speed at which thy could be used to maximize their fire power and shields. Lt. Alara was monitoring her security teams who were armed and making their rounds on the ship. Dr. Holly was running routine maintenance in the medical bay and running a few experiments as well. Lt. Koori Cren and her young crew were closely monitoring the engines and warp core as they noted the various changes during each stage. Lt. Liyla quietly listened to the com channels as she listened for various chatter and signals. Comm. Taetae was at odds on correcting the Captain and monitoring the performance of the crew. Lt. La Pol was very busy analyzing the WISE weapon and the various data they were receiving while in flight.

Eventually they arrived in the Zandar Section which was new to all of them. After disengaging warp Joh had Jynx engage the cloaking shield so they could quietly run scans of the area and see what was around them. Joh had Jynx go to impulse speed as everyone monitored their stations. Eventually they spotted something on the scanners.

La Pol: Captain I am picking up a debris field on the scanners.

Joh: On screen.

La Pol put the image on screen for all to see.


Joh: Can you identify it?

La Pol: Scanning for markings.

La Pol ran her agile fingers across the console very quickly like a concert pianist. Then she looked up and nodded as she zoomed into the markings.

La Pol: It appears to be the remains of the USS Saratoga-C (NCC-31911) sir.

Joh: La Pol continue your scans so we can find out how it was destroyed. Jynx keep us close and cloaked. Gaila keep weapons and shields ready. Liyla listen for any chatter or signals out there. The last thing we need is to get caught unprepared.

The crew of the Phoenix then went to work like busy bees trying to research the remains of the USS Saratoga-C.


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