Reject Absolution

"Fire all phasers. Lock quantum torpedoes. Fire at will." Kine ordered. The tone in his voice was steady, but urgent. The Osiris moved to position itself above the Pericles. However, the Pericles was a Defiant-class warship and was far more maneuverable and was dodging the torpedoes with ease. The phaser fire it simply absorbed with its enhanced shields. But that was what Kine was counting on. Keep the Pericles busy dodging torpedoes so it can't fire its red matter torpedoes.

"Goddamn you Saren!" Cam shouted over comms. "Damn you!"

"Cam! We need to get out of here!" R'ana shouted.

"The Osiris can't lower its shields, can your ship beam us up?" Cam asked.

R'ana nodded. "We need to leave the facility to get out from under the shielding."

They soon rejoined R'ana's Klingons before racing out of the complex. R'ana hailed her bird of prey. "Beam us up!"

Once on board the bird of prey R'ana, Cam, and Nalah made their way to the bridge to get into the fight with the Pericles.

"Tell me you guys upgraded these ships," Cam said. Noting how unreliable birds of prey were usually.

"We're Klingon, not stupid." R'ana said. "But even then I don't know if we'll be able to stop Saren."

"Captain," Nalah looked to Cam. "The Osiris won't hold out forever. Saren will attempt to destroy her with a red matter torpedo. It's only a matter of time."

Cam frowned, thinking then looked to R'ana. "Saren wants this whole thing covered up. Can we broadcast the data we collected down there?"

"The Pericles is jamming long range transmissions at the moment. We can't." The Klingon pilot announced.

Cam continued to think then sighed. "What if we ran? Would Saren pursue us, do you think?"

"Saren's ship is faster than ours." R'ana said. "He could finish off the Osiris and still catch up to us before we reached the nearest star base."

"But not the Osiris." Cam said. "We engage the Pericles, buy them time to jump to warp. They could outrun Saren."

"You know what this means?" R'ana asked.

"We can't let Saren get away with this," Cam said. "We can't let the people who are trying to cover this up to get away with this. Can you, R'ana?"

She stared at him then shook her head. "It's a good day to die."

Cam nodded, and looked to Nalah,"Sorry I got you into this, Pip."

Nalah straightened her posture and smiled. "I die knowing we did the right thing." She looked to the Klingon pilot. "May I co-pilot? Sir?"

The Klingon nodded and offered her the seat next to his. Then they stared out at the view screen as the Osiris continued to dog the Pericles.

"Engage the enemy." R'ana ordered. The bird of prey flew in and fired on the Pericles. Now with two ships on it the Pericles was struggling to maintain its speed advantage.

"Keep firing phasers near the torpedo tubes. They won't fire the red matter if there's a chance of it being ignited too close to them." Kine said.

"Commander Kine," Cam hailed the Osiris. "I'm ordering you to disengage and warp to the nearest star base as fast as you can. You need to tell everyone what happened here, what is happening, and stop Saren and the those he's protecting. Hear me?"

Kine nodded. "Understood."

"Cam! No!" Vex exclaimed. "You'll die! Saren will kill you all!"

"We know, Vex." Cam replied. "That's the idea."

"We aren't leaving you." Vex told him.

"I appreciate the sentiment, Doctor." Cam smiled. "But this is a direct order. Go. Now!"

"Aye, captain. Godspeed." Kine nodded. "Break off the attack. Plot a course for the nearest star base. Maximum warp."

The Osiris veered off and warped away, leaving the bird of prey to face off against the Pericles. The Defiant-class proved to be more than a match for the Klingon vessel. It began to fire and burn away portions of the hull plating, an entire wing was destroyed, and quickly the ship was crippled.

The Pericles finally gained some room to turn and face the battered Klingon ship. The bridge of the bird of prey was on fire. Sparks rained down from ceiling panels and two of the Klingon command staff were dead. Cam pulled himself up and went over to where R'ana was, bracing herself against another volley of phaser fire from the Pericles. When Cam got to her she looked to him and he could see fear in her eyes.

"R'ana..." Cam winced and clutched at a bleeding wound in his side where some shrapnel from an exploding console had clipped him. "Before this is over..."

"Shut up." R'ana shook her head.

"No, you shut up." Cam coughed. "And listen. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything."

R'ana looked away from him. "You have nothing to be sorry for, Cam. It was me, all of it."

"I don't care! I just need you to know that still I love you. I will always love you, R'ana."

R'ana turned back to him and was about to speak when Saren hailed them.

"Captain," Saren's face was twisted with guilt, "I'm sorry it had to come to this..."


The Osiris traveled at warp, gaining distance from the Zandar sector as fast as it could. Kine sat silently on the bridge, his brow furrowed, deep in thought.

"Commander," Ensign Navarro, the second pilot, turned to him. "Long range scans indicate that R'ana Edison's bird of prey was destroyed."

Vex fell back into a nearby seat, she was at a loss. The entire bridge went quiet.

Kine closed his eyes and reminded himself to keep his emotions focused on the task at hand. "ETA to that star base?"

"An hour at this speed, we're putting the transwarp drive to the limit." Navarro told him. Then her console beeped. "We're getting pronounced graviton readings, evidence of a red matter ignition."

"He's destroying the moon." Vex said. Her voice shaking with sadness and anger. "Covering up the dirty little secret like a good dog."

"Focus, Doctor." Kine said. "We need to reach that star base and notify them of what happened, and try and track down those augments."

Vex took a deep breath, but she was still fighting back tears. "You're right..."

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