Nick Of Time

After that Joh dismissed them and returned to the command deck where it was eerily quiet. Joh ignored it and went back to work as he read the data he received from his officers. Several hours later they found a badly damaged Borg ship spinning in a circle.

Joh had La Pol scan it for energy and life signs.

La Pol: Sir this ship seems to be caught in an infinite loop and is spinning nonstop.

Joh: What's the cause?

La Pol: Unsure sir. However their signal they are sending in and infinite loop of one direction. It appears their ship is spinning because of that message.

Joh: Are they dangerous?

La Pol: No sir. Their are no life signs on it but the ship was set to spin by some kind of virus program.

Joh: Can you pick up its last trail?

La Pol: Its faint but yes sir.

Joh: Jynx follow that trail but nice and easy like. Whatever got to these Borg is still out there.

It was then that La Pol noticed that the Borg cube passed by the moon that the three ships were having a stand off at.

La Pol: Captain the Borg Cube passed by the moon we passed by that you wanted to avoid.

Joh: Dammit!! I knew it. This is what happens when to many hands are in the cookie jar.

TaeTae: What do you mean Captain?

Joh: Someone in the Federation was doing some illegal work and got caught. Now they want to cover it up.

Jynks: Captain? Are we just going to let them die?

Joh: Gaila keep up in stealth and ready weapons torpedoes. Jynx get us there fast. Koori get ready for a quick beam to the med bay. Alara have a security team ready at bed bay. La Pol feed Jynx intel as you get it.

Taetae: Captain I......

Joh: Noted Commander. ENGAGE!

Taetae didn't get a chance to speak up as Jynx warped to where the moon was and went into stealth right before dropping out of warp. They arrived just in time to see the Federation ship escape and the Klingon bird of Prey being shot to pieces.

The Osiris veered off and warped away, leaving the bird of prey to face off against the Pericles. The Defiant-class proved to be more than a match for the Klingon vessel. It began to fire and burn away portions of the hull plating, an entire wing was destroyed, and quickly the ship was crippled.

The Pericles finally gained some room to turn and face the battered Klingon ship. The bridge of the bird of prey was on fire. Sparks rained down from ceiling panels and two of the Klingon command staff were dead. Cam pulled himself up and went over to where R'ana was, bracing herself against another volley of phaser fire from the Pericles. When Cam got to her she looked to him and he could see fear in her eyes.

"R'ana..." Cam winced and clutched at a bleeding wound in his side where some shrapnel from an exploding console had clipped him. "Before this is over..."

"Shut up." R'ana shook her head.

"No, you shut up." Cam coughed. "And listen. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything."

R'ana looked away from him. "You have nothing to be sorry for, Cam. It was me, all of it."

"I don't care! I just need you to know that still I love you. I will always love you, R'ana."

R'ana turned back to him and was about to speak when Saren hailed them.

"Captain," Saren's face was twisted with guilt, "I'm sorry it had to come to this..."

Joh: Koori! La Pol lock on the crew of the Bird of Prey and beam them out ASAP!

The timing was perfect as R'ana and Cam were beamed aboard the Firebird into the med bay. The explosion of the bird of prey hid the Firebird's presence from the defiant ship.

Joh: Jinx! Get us out of here now!

While still in stealth Jynx did a quick warp jump to where the borg cube was and maintained stealth as they stayed hidden from the defiant ship. meanwhile in the med bay Dr. Holly began working on the wounds of Cam and R'ana.

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