Way To Go Firebird!

Cam could feel the heat of the explosions around him and closed his eyes and he and R'ana embraced for the last time.

Then the explosions faded, the heat cooled, and everything was quiet. Cam opened his eyes and found himself in a transporter room. If this was what the afterlife looked like, it could've been worse. He looked down at R'ana who soon looked up at him and the two realized they'd been spared. Cam pulled R'ana in close and was about to kiss her but she winced in pain from her wounds and Cam quickly looked around to the nearby transporter techs. He also saw that a few of R'ana's Klingons and Nalah were also on board, much to his relief. There was a team of doctors already on hand to see to them.

Soon, once everyone was patched up, Cam looked over to the nearest crew member of the ship that had saved them and asked: "So who do I have to thank for the rescue? Cause I'm gonna kiss the hell outta them."

(OOC: Actually I was intending to spare them. Good work, Jaxx!
Also I noticed a lot of the Firebird crew are labeled as NPC's. Typically NPCs, such as Sisko and Seven of Nine, can be written by anyone though I'm not sure if this is the case for your crew. I opted to not write for them in this chapter but if they are free to other players to help fill in dialogue let me know.)

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