Rescue & Conference

OOC - I put NPC on the ones who can be controlled to help with dialogue and some actions. Just don't kill them off.

Once they were on their way to safety Joh looked at Taetae and nodded.

Joh: You have the bridge Commander. Keep us hidden for now.

Taetae: Yes sir.

Commander Taetae was not to keen on how Joh did things but she was not ready to argue with him during an emergency. Joh then headed to the med bay to see who they rescued.

Soon, once everyone was patched up, Cam looked over to the nearest crew member of the ship that had saved them and asked: "So who do I have to thank for the rescue? Cause I'm gonna kiss the hell outta them."

Alara looked at Cam and winced at his comment. She had no intention of letting Cam kiss Joh since that privilege was on for her and Gaila.

Alara: You kiss him and I will shoot you sir.

Dr. Holly: I am sure he said that in jest Lt. Do keep in mind they are wounded and emotional from a near death experience.

Alara: Sorry...........I am not ready for Jo........... I mean the to cross that line.

Dr. Holly: Easy Lt. Alara. I seriously doubt you need to be concerned your man will switch sides at this point.

Joh then walked in to see several copies of Dr. Holly patching up Cam, R'ana, Nalah and some Klingons. The nice part of AI doctors was they could be programmed with confidential materials to be kept a secret. It also helped to have holo-emitters on them so they could travel around the ship. To make things easier Dr. Holly had her clones look different to make it easier to tell them apart by adding a number to their forehead. The original Dr. Holly had no number. Alara was quick to get between Joh and Cam as Joh came in.

Joh: Alara? What are you doing?

Alara: Protecting your lips sir.

Joh: From who?

Alara: That man sir. (pointing at Cam)

Joh: I see. Sorry but I don't butter my bread on that side Mr?

Dr. Holly: Captain Cameron Gunner of the USS Osiris.

Joh: Captain Gunner then. And the others?

Dr. Holly: Lieutenant Nalah helmsman, Lieutenant Commander R'ana Edison, Nar'Took, Ma'Kook, Rek'Tal, and Qu'Ellik.

A Klingon moaned in pain as one of the Dr. Hollys removed a piece of shrapnel from his leg. Purple like blood leaked out as she patched him up. The speed of Dr. Holly's hands and eyes was amazing as she patched all the patients up at the same time.

Joh: I am sorry for the loss of your comrades. It appears that we have stumbled onto a problematic mission. Normally I would do this in a ready room but time has never been my friend. So start from the beginning.


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