Ragnarok (Part 11)

“What all is on Deck Two?” Larrala inquired, somewhat brusquely.

Klara cocked her head and squinted. “Luxury suites and First Class cabins. There is also a swimming pool, a big gymnasium, racket and shuffle-board courts, and a bowling alley I think too.”

Larrala turned to Saren with a concerned frown. “I don't pretend to be an expert on the Borg, but I assume that a boarding party would either seek out engineering or the bridge if they wished to take control of the ship. But if they are on Deck Two I can only imagine that they are assimilating passengers. If that is the case we could soon be up to our necks in Borg drones. Then again, there might not be a single Borg to be found— alive that is. We had best do as you say and make a thorough sweep of the ship.”

"Then we are in agreement. However since the scans have indicated a cybernetic presence on Deck Two we shall focus our search there to ensure the safety of everyone there. My team will begin a more thorough search of the ship while the good Doctor and I head to Deck Two."

She glanced around, looking for her disruptor pistol; besides being a fine weapon, it was practically her only souvenir from home.

Saren handed back her disruptor. "Come along, Doctor."

Three large starships continued to tow the massive space station into position. Already the Borg were drawn to this new turn of events, forcing the defense fleet to protect the station and the towing vessels.

Cam braced himself as the ship took another blast. Sparks flew everywhere and parts of the bulkhead came clattering to the floor. "Status Lieutenant!" He said to R'ana.

"Shields are barely registering! Ablative armor has been bearing the brunt of the Borg attacks, but it won't hold forever."

"Change tactics, put as much power as you can into the impulse engines. Run and gun tactics. Full phaser spread. Make us a moving target. Let these Borg work for their shots!"


Chief Copely continued to clamber through the Jefferies tube. Her vision was blurry, her head spinning, a trail of blood followed her down the narrow passageway. She reached a junction and made a right, heading straight for the next reactor. It was taking everything she had to not just crumple into a pile right there, the pain in her side radiating throughout her, she was gasping and half-crying from the pain.

As she reached a second junction she felt the tube tremble, she couldn't tell if it was from the battle outside or just her weary mind playing tricks on her. She soon found out as another tremor shook the corridor and the floor fell out from under her. She screamed and fell into the large reactor room below. The fall was enough to knock the wind out of her. The wound in her side now tripled the pain output. She nearly fell unconscious right then and there.


"This is Engineer DeFranko. We've been blocked off by the Borg! We can't reach the next reactor!"

Janeway's brow furrowed. "Can we just detonate one reactor?"

"Negative," Data responded. "The system is set up to prevent such a catastrophic event from taking place. Should one reactor fail the others are automatically rendered inert to prevent further damage. Disabling the safeties and rigging the reactors to detonate simultaneously will ensure maximum damage. Anything less and this will have been a wasted effort."


"Where's Chief Copely?" Cam asked.

"She managed to make it into a Jefferies tube, but we haven't heard from her in a while. She may have been wounded as well." DeFranko said.

"The station is almost in position, we need that reactor ready!"

Cam closed his eyes, "Come on, Mads. Don't let us down..."


Madeline had to fight to stave off the waves of darkness threatening to consume her mind. She she coughed, blood hit the floor where she lay. She struggled to pull herself up off the floor. It took her longer than she would've liked.

"Come on," she said to herself. "Come on..." She put her weight on the bulkhead after finally getting to her feet. They were weak, shaky, and the pain in her abdomen threatened to floor her once again. She looked around and saw she was in an access corridor not far from reactor 1.

She took one step, a bolt of pain shot through her. She grit her teeth.

Another step.

More pain.

She gasped.


"Come on..."



"Come on..."

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