Ragnarok (Part 13)

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“I managed to kill four Borg drones with one well-timed disruptor blast, or perhaps you know that already,” Larrala said, still sounding aggrieved. “I don't believe they will have adapted to it yet, but it couldn't hurt to reset the base frequencies, I suppose.” She made a few adjustments to the disruptor with her thumb and forefinger. “I have actually not had much direct contact with the Borg. If they intended to release an outbreak of nanoprobes onboard, would they not have done so already?”

Saren's brow furrowed, "In previous encounters we've noticed that their use of nanoprobe swarms has been relegated to the mass assimilation of entire planets. There have been no instances of the Borg using this tactic on vessels. However it is likely that this is due to overconfidence and massive numbers. It is likely that they may attempt to unleash them if they feel the odds are no longer in their favor."

The turbolift stopped and the doors opened. Saren walked out, phaser extended. He swept the area and consulted his tricorder. "The cybernetic readings are coming from the swimming area." He motioned for Larrala to stay close and made his way to the pool...


"The station's in place, what's the status on the engineering teams?"

Cam's gut felt hollow. "Come on, Mads..."

"Come on..." Madeline said through gritted teeth as she forced herself to enter the core room. The walls were bathed in shimmering blue light from the matter/anti-matter reaction taking place. A low hum filled the air. She stumbled into the room and leaned against a console. She allowed herself to cry a little as the pain continued to eat into her side.

"...Come... Chief... Come in!" Her comm badge sprung to life. "Come in, Chief Copely!"

Madeline pressed her badge. "I read you..."

"Mads?" Cam's voice spoke up now. "Thank god. You okay?"

"Absolutely peachy," she said. Blood was already pooling on the floor beneath her.

"What's the status on the final core?" Janeway asked.

Madeline closed her eyes. "It's not done. But I have a plan."

"What plan would that be?" Cam asked.

"Simple... I shoot the core."

"Are you nuts?" Cam exclaimed.

"Look," Madeline withdrew her phaser, "We don't have time to argue. We do this now, or never. I..." she clutched at the wound in her side, her hand was immediately soaked with blood. "...I don't have the time to rig the core. But the other ones are ready, so it shouldn't change the outcome."

"You're talking about killing yourself!" Cam said. "You cant!"

"Cam... we don't have time for this. The Borg are probably already trying to undo what we've done. Take the Titan, get the hell out of here."


"Yeah... I love you too, you dumb idiot." Madeline managed a smile.

"Chief Copely, god speed." Janeway said. "All craft! Jump to warp! I repeat jump to warp!"

One by one, the various vessels fled the battle until only one ship remained: the Titan. Cam shook his head, he wouldn't give the order to jump.

"Go, Cam." Madeline said as she limped closer to the warp core. "Please."

Cam's face twisted, a million emotions were roiling within him.



"Engage..." Cam found himself saying. The Titan jumped to warp.

Madeline stood in silence for a moment before nodding. She looked at the massive core, the light shimmering beautifully. She raised her phaser. She fired. Sparks flew, alarms went off. She stepped forward, fired again. More sparks, flames began to erupt from various panels on the core. Somehow the pain in her side disappeared, she straightened up and marched towards her fate. Firing her phaser over and over until it erupted in a massive wall of flame that enveloped her.

The rest of the space station soon followed. The Borg vessels were caught in the explosion. Flaming pieces of cubes flew into space. The explosion continued outwards, the atmosphere of the Earth shuddered as the explosion met with it. Debris began to rain down onto the surface, scarring the once pristine landscape.

When the chaos subsided, much of the Borg fleet lay in ruins, and half the Earth was on fire.

And paradise burned.

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