Ragnarok (Part 16)

"Oh, damn. I really was hoping it was some harmless little Bynars." Larrala dropped to one knee and levelled her disruptor at the Borg, angling a shot to strike the majority of the drones with one blast. It was likely she would have only one shot before they adapted to her weapon. However with coordinated phaser and disruptor fire that was continuously modulated, as well as taking advantage of the element of surprise, the two might be able to neutralize them all, depending on how many there were; might being the operable word, of course.

Larrala shook her head. "What in space were the Borg doing in a steam room of all things? Moisturizing their skin? I suppose they could use-- or no, wait," she said, heaving a grim sigh of realization. "People might have tried hiding in there, and the Borg could have cornered them inside and assimilated them all. Tell me, how many life form readings are you detecting, cybernetic or otherwise?"

Her mind raced as she tried to think of a quick idea to solve this. "If we can contain them long enough, perhaps we could put a transporter lock onto the steam room and beam all its contents off the ship? Is that feasible?" she asked Saren, who knew the capabilities of the Borg, as well as Starfleet technology, far better than she.

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